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June 08, 2023

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That's how I decided, I saw that it was a way to earn a living and I perceived it as any job; after I had broken up with my boyfriend, being abused, vilified, horny and jobless. What do I do?, she thought, I remembered a friend, who had already told me, in fact; The first time I talked about this topic was with her, who worked as a scort or escort, but I didn't give her much trouble; in the tusa, I called her and at once I approached her straight away, it was a very natural conversation, and what she was doing caught my attention. In fact, when I told her about my boyfriend, she told me "you're pretty, don't be stupid" she told me that she was working for a platform and that she was doing very well financially and that if she wanted she could recommend me. Listening to her, I realized that there are many women who are escorts without feeling that their dignity is undermined. She told me that many men called her to have sex, but also to talk or eat, all for very good money. That's where I made the decision. She worked for go vips, an excellent platform where clients ask for their address and pay at once, the platform keeps part of the profit, but it is a good place to work . They do the photo studio for you and they publish you at once, so the chances for them to call you are very high. But before being on an internet platform, I had my first job, my friend recommended me to a client of hers, the man was a gentleman, he behaved like a prince, he was waiting for me at the motel, and when I entered I didn't know what to say, I I sat on the edge of the bed and my nerves betrayed me, he kindly served me a shot of whiskey, the few times I drink, it's brandy, but this time I received it, and I liked it so much, that I hadn't finished it and already I was loosening my tongue, so we broke the ice and things happened, it was as if I had done it with another boyfriend, I enjoyed it, I'm not lying and I thought, if this is going to be like this, then what else, let's do it. I entered the platform and the calls began, everything went so fast, that it was not only for a while in the motel but also to accompany a senior executive of a company in a social event, or a weekend outing, also couples or threesomes, but I prefer with a man and a woman than with two men, I'm not a lesbian I like men, but doing it with a woman is quite rich. Many times I have been asked to do role plays, I always had something of an artist, because I like to do it, I have played a student, a nurse, a devil; I confess I am an exhibitionist, I have a good body and I like to be admired. I know that scorts have a reputation for faking orgasms and simply dissimulating to get our money as quickly as possible, but fortunately, I almost always enjoy what I do. I like to enjoy the role and get into the mind of those who hire me to think about what they want, what they are looking for with me. I try to put myself in their shoes and understand their fantasies in order to fulfill them. And if I'm going to earn good money for this, then let's go, we're not going to deny ourselves. A client asked me for a fantasy that when I heard it, I didn't know whether to laugh or run away, but since I was already a known client, well, I agreed, now I realize that there are many people who appear to have a very impartial, prudent personality, but that they have many hidden illusions, chimeras, fantasies, that they cannot or do not want to do with their partners, that is where the scorts come in, that parallel world where you can get to fulfill what you always long for and desire, we are like an emotional escape. When I went to Bogotá to visit some cousins, just out of adolescence, friends from the neighborhood told me "You're from Pereira, that is, are you deaf?" (because one tells them to sit down and they lie down), “You're from Pereira, but you don't exercise, do you?”; or the “mmm you are from Pereira”, which was followed by morbid looks or complicit laughter. I already know all the jokes and comments. I've listened to them a thousand times and also discovering a stereotyped country in which, willingly or not, I was going to wear a label all my life. It's not that I didn't know anything, I had heard things, but I thought that, like me, most people would take it as a simplistic and unfounded adjective, a stereotype. Why do they say that the pereiranas are the best for the needs below the waistband? Do they have spells and powers? What is the myth that they talk so much about? Well, I don't know, but I really love sex and if it's consensual, with me you can experience the best fantasies you can think of. As the days passed, I realized that, more than a job, this is something that I enjoy, that I enjoy and for me it is a life option. I have the fortune of not doing drugs, of not interfering deeply with clients, of not allowing myself to be bossed around by anyone, but if that were the case, it would be another story of those that you see on television. I know colleagues who work for maintenance have their children, who did not finish high school, but are beautiful, who do not know how to do more than sleep with men because, even, their own parents forced them. Real life is that. Only that sometimes one believes that this only happens in the movies, in the cinema or on television. Sometimes people live shielded at home, at work, in a closed environment that is limited to friends, family, girlfriend, but they do not know anything about the outside world, they do not know that, at this time, many girls out of necessity, frustration , lack of job opportunities, or whatever, they are sleeping for money. Sure, it's very easy to judge from the outside. "Tenacious those old whores who give it for money", "they are crap", "they are vagrants". But, as they say, "the procession goes inside" Should I stop thinking about it anymore? Should I relax and enjoy my work? Perhaps. I definitely found that there are people for everything. In this trade you learn a lot about the human being, his weaknesses and his inner tastes, which, from the little I have seen, are very varied. There is a lot of double standards in our society, that's why I don't see any mystery in showing my face: if my parents find out, I know they'll understand me one day, I don't want to hide, if my ex-boyfriend sees me, I know he'll be hit hard because He was very macho. The service I provide makes it possible to meet all kinds of people. I recently met a character from the show business, who seems very dear to me on television. Normally I do not know the clients, when I arrived at the hotel where he was staying he was very cordial and kind, as what radiates in the media, but as the time of the service went by, the man began to drink and put any amount of drugs, he offered me, of course I refused, his nature that was initially very nice was changing and he began to become irritable. He confessed to me his great weakness for alcohol, drugs and prescorts paid. Unimaginable in someone who appears very different to society, he is easily impatient with crowds and despises everything in his midst. I realized that he was quite a lonely man and that he leads a very sad life. I think he has done well in my new job, I can not complain about what I have had to live in my new role. I have met people that I would never believe that I knew them even in my previous life, I freed myself from many inner demons, many times the clients prefer to talk and I ask them to leave the envy and silly prejudices and be true to themselves. Being a scort for me is a life project, I have made good money, I save part of it, I want to buy a good apartment and start studying, those are my goals for a year from now. In my thoughts after a busy weekend I lie in my bed in front of the TV and I think to myself, thinking if one gives it for love, why not give it for money? Eventually time has passed, I regularly go to a gym there the men are very adventurous, there are many and very attractive, I have invitations to go out, but while with this job I choose not to have any serious relationship, I would not know how I could combine the two things , a boyfriend would not accept my job so I prefer to remain single and without commitment. An advice that I give to men, even if it is with a scort when they have sexual relations, if they want one to surrender and do everything with more desire, they are clean, bad smells scare anyone; if you have premature ejaculation, tell it and see how the girl helps you with this; don't be jerks, think about satisfying her as much as yourself; offer her what she is drinking and always, but always take off your stockings. When they see me on the street they see an ordinary woman, I don't like the stereotype of the escort bill, I don't wear leather pants, I don't dye my hair bizarre colors or huge handbags, I go rather unnoticed, I usually wear jeans , strappy blouse and sandals, I don't go out, I don't drink, I don't use drugs. Of course, when it comes to work, the subject changes from heaven to earth, I want to become a sexual beast and that the client perceives it at once, I like miniskirts, tight jeans and low-cut blouses, but what I like the most It's choosing underwear, I have hundreds of that and especially black and red, buying lingerie is something I enjoy, just like buying shoes. When I go to work, I like to see my firm body in front of the mirror, I love that process of choosing underwear, tight thongs, the right perfume, garter belts when they ask me. I love to try on clothes and check that there are things that highlight my body, my boobs, my ass. I have some black jeans that fascinate me, they are not extravagant at all, but they show that I have a hard, firm butt worked in the gym. After a while I wanted to try another page that was recommended to me, you know you have to look for new airs and I didn't want to "burn out" so I left for sin city, it is a very complete page and has so many services that the job opportunities increase, because they offer, apart from the traditional escort service, massage rooms , Golden girls, swinger and more, so their portfolio is very varied and complete. In Pereira there are other options that I would like to tell you about and you can observe, look and scrutinize, I only recommend that you do not go for the cheapest, be careful and look for the best options: escortscolombia prepagospereira. com co.skokka. com photoprepagos. com locanto As you can see the offer is quite good. I hope we meet there, one never knows. I assure you that you will have a great time with me. A kiss to all.

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