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January 20, 2022

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“My condom broke with a escort in Montería” WHAT YOU SHOULD DO One of the biggest fears during sex is that the condom or condom will break. At we tell you how to avoid it and what to do if it happens. The first thing is NOT to lose your cool and act quickly. Before continuing with the action plan, determine the main objective of the use of the condom or condom; prevent pregnancy or prevent pregnancy and a possible sexually transmitted disease. If you use condoms with your stable partner as a contraceptive method only, or if you have casual sexual encounters with unknown women, escorts, prostitutes, etc. Remember that our escorts rates at include more than enough condoms and of the best possible quality. I use the condom as all-risk protection True story: Juan contacted an exuberant escort in Montería. The woman arrived at her apartment and after much foreplay, Juan penetrated her ass hard until he squirted. Once he took off the condom, he noticed that it had broken during sex. If, like Juan, you enjoy casual sex, and the pleasant company of prostitutes, escorts, or even some girl you met in a bar, a broken condom is problematic. We tell you step by step what you should do! Step 1: Notify the other person of the situation. Part of being a responsible sexual partner is informing the other person that they may be at risk. Step 2: Clean your genitals in the usual way. Do not try to use soaps or chemicals to wash your penis, as it could cause allergic reactions. Step 3: Go to a health center and enter the emergency room. Do not be scared, these situations are quite common for health professionals and it is VERY IMPORTANT to act as soon as possible. You will be prescribed some medications that you must take to reduce the chances of contagion. What you should NOT do 1. Hide it: Communicate the risk to the other person so that they can act accordingly. 2. Don't ignore the situation: A broken condom is serious. Follow our recommendations and protect your health. 3.Do not use non-medicated creams or ointments: Do not self-medicate, nor follow recommendations from individuals. No over-the-counter medication will be as effective as one prescribed by a doctor. I use a condom as a contraceptive method Stable couples often choose condoms as a contraceptive method. There are many reasons to prefer condoms over other methods, especially those that involve hormones (birth control pills, subdermal implants) or surgery (vasectomy, tubal ligation). Regardless of why you prefer to use a condom to avoid getting your partner pregnant, it's unfortunate that the condom breaks during sex. The good news is that you can prevent fatherhood by using the morning after pill. Post-day in case of an emergency: The morning-after pill, known as Post-day, is an over-the-counter medicine that you can get at any drugstore or pharmacy in Colombia. The average cost of this medicine is 18,500 pesos and it consists of 1 pill that your partner must take during the 36 hours following unprotected sexual intercourse. Remember that this IS NOT a contraceptive method, but an emergency medication for exceptional cases, such as a broken condom. Ideally, after taking this medication, your partner should monitor their menstrual cycles to verify that the pill was successful and that a pregnancy did not occur. We take YOUR health seriously! At we encourage all of our girls to get regular STD tests. We invest heavily in creating safe environments and experiences by purchasing quality condoms. Once you hire one of our escorts, you only have to worry about enjoying! The escort will be in charge of bringing the necessary condoms for the meeting.

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