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November 19, 2022

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People are very hypocritical, many preach morality that they do not practice and practice morality that they do not preach. Since we are children, we are educated so that we conceive it as something pernicious. I have liked whores since I was a child, but because I like whores I am not a beast. I'm not looking for whores because it's not that I can't pick up a female, people who know that I like whores see me as having no scruples or that I lack social skills, which is completely false; I have a family, two children and a wife, it is not the ideal family, but tell me if there is one. That's a cliché. We are normal people, of course there will be people who will have this problem, I do not doubt it and that is why they hire prostitutes, there are men who find it very difficult to relate and the only way out they have is to pay a prostitute to calm their sexual desires. There are other people who do fit with this pattern. Like my friend Gustavo Rojas, a 37-year-old acquaintance, he finds it difficult to relate to women and that's why he hires prostitutes. Many are tired of heartbreak and are afraid to make a serious commitment. Others feel self-conscious and have problems association, physical appearance is one of the most common motivations for being self-conscious and not looking for a woman in a stable relationship. The prostitutes are part of my social life, the girls of life give stability to my life. I have a saying that I didn't invent but that I apply to my life "Friends deceive, parents and brothers are not going to be eternal, but whores will always be there," he says Here in San Juan de Pasto the offer of whores is very good, I have my favorite places, like Lolitas, where there are girls to choose from and now with the arrival of the Venezuelans, much more is also open every day, there is also El Faraón where You can get a good mix, Flamingos with its excellent bar, Los Trios Discotheque and others that are not so good, but have everything a man wants. Of course, we are not all the same, but most women are looking for something different in bed. After having a lot of relationships and listening to what women tell me (I'm not bragging about having had a lot of relationships, although if I have, I just like to satisfy my sex drive, my libido is a bit high). Now I have decided to share with you the most common desires and complaints of women, many times I have listened to them with a glass of wine in hand, other times enjoying a good after, my friends, girls are happy talking, learn to listen to them. I advise guys, it is the best way to have the best sex. Many of the things they request are great, some not so great, but they all show that you can excel in bed if you have the right information, and vice versa. What do women want sexually? So let's get started: Here's what women want (and don't want) in bed. To drive women crazy in bed, we must take into account that the female body has different erogenous zones, sources of pleasure that we can use to increase intensity, we just have to know how to use them correctly. Therefore, it is good to know what the female erogenous zones are. Sometimes sex can be about trial and error. There is a possibility that you are stimulating a part of the body that the woman does not like, or that she is not doing it correctly. However, you may also feel her shudder or moan with pleasure when you perform certain movements. These are some signs that we are doing something right and she likes it. These female body parts help us initiate intercourse before penetration. In this way, we excite the woman and experience more of the pleasure by feeling her orgasms. It is best to lengthen the initial to make penetration more comfortable. But let's start with something very satisfying, which is nothing more than taking a shower before sex, only kisses and caresses can make this experience very satisfying and stimulating to start a good sexual relationship. Give her a blowjob, she always wants it, yes that's right, everyone likes it, they get better orgasms, focus, "Kissing, breast and nipple stimulation, thigh rubs are part of the diet you should to eat". "If you go too fast, you will kill all the charm" and if you do it right, she will ask you to eat her fruit. Many men use the old trick of moving their tongues like the letters of the alphabet. From A to Z. Remember, it's not a bad thing, but experts recommend getting creative with the flick technique. The trick is not to jump from the first letter to the last. Better try the word and repeat it. That way, you don't have to do unnecessary steps that are very different from each other. Try to avoid letters that have a lot of air around them, like U, V, L, or O. It is best to cover as much space as possible, but they generally prefer that you Focus on the clitoris. Give him all the wiggles he asks for and those he doesn't ask for, yes, even if he doesn't ask for them. In fact, the vast majority like to repeat their doses, but that doesn't mean you have to eat lunch before they orgasm until they tell you it's okay. Gently suck on the clitoris. For many, suction is key. Gently penetrates into all corners. A combination of sucking and licking. We have to say that this is for experts only: if you can't control it, don't do it, because a very strong suction can be painful. Don't go right there. "A light sucking motion usually works well, but don't suck on the clit like you're smoking a cigarette. It's not a side-to-side lick either. A good cunnilingus knows exactly where to suck: the clit or, in the case of girls, very sensitive, the cap that covers it. Not too fast either, she sets the pace: enough to explain the reaction you provoke in her”, says porn actress Aman Miller. You can help yourself with your fingers. Gently insert your fingers, inserting them into her vagina and pushing upwards. Make rhythmic movements in the clitoral area when the girl gets aroused. The intensity should increase. And be very careful: it is not recommended to insert a finger to simulate penetration. It's not penetration, and it never seems like it will be. Some people also try sticking their tongues in the vagina, but women generally don't like that. It doesn't make much sense, especially when used as a machine gun. You should know that most women have orgasms with a good blowjob, but this is only achieved with a good combination of all these techniques. If you watch porn, why not show him? Or better yet, you can watch together at the same time so she can watch while you watch your tongue move. She will be stimulated not only by your work, but also by what she enters into her retina. Who knows, maybe he has an idea and wants to do it with you. After finishing your delicious food, you can taste it to the end. There are many women who like black kissing. Remember that it is not suitable for everyone and not for everyone - hygiene is (more than) necessary in this matter. You can go through there, but remember that if you want to go back, you have to rinse your mouth first. In addition to being unsanitary, it can cause your loved one to get a urinary tract infection and spread bacteria from the anus to the penis or vagina. Your only contact is not with your tongue. Put your hand on her hip and walk in like you haven't eaten in weeks. Most women like to support their hips and thighs while eating. Most men don't seem to pay attention to the signals that women are sending them saying what's bothering them. Since women's sexuality is more suggestive than expressed, words occupy an interesting place among the elements that make up women's sexual fantasies. It is not about repeating the same clichés that many men have learned from porn, but about saying the right words to make a woman more sexual. But if we don't speak the language of sex, it's better to shut up before messing it up. We must know what to say at the right moment and if it is a good whisper in the ear, so much the better. When we are going to start penetration, remember to use a good lubricant, it is necessary, sometimes women do not lubricate themselves as much as they should, it does not mean that they do not like it, it is just that they still lack lubrication. Therefore, in these cases, a good lubricant cannot be missing, there are some flavors, which makes everything more pleasant and less painful. Always keep these two things in mind. Penetration should always happen at the right time. Penetration is not recommended if the vagina is not yet well lubricated and artificial lubricants can be used. Always use a condom. For all the reasons. There is no apology. Many men believe that successful intercourse is based on fast, hard penetration (thinking that the harder you push, the faster you will orgasm). However, this is wrong. Therefore, the most effective approach is to experiment with different rhythms and depths, as well as alternating circular motions, top-down strokes, and long, deep thrusts with other fast strokes. All of these changes can be experienced differently by women. Tip: Women love poses that make eye contact easier. The upper position of the woman helps stimulate the clitoris, facilitating orgasm. If her partner is having trouble reaching orgasm, she can encourage him to press on you and try penetration. For many men, intercourse ends with postcoital ejaculation. But women like love and attention after sex. The sexologist Remember that sexual intercourse does not end with ejaculation. Sex is an exhausting and sweaty thing that requires some physical strength and trust between two people to express their pleasure. If we don't want to go all out, it's probably because our desires aren't strong enough to give the other person a good sexual experience, and they'll notice. One of the things that has become fashionable lately, and that girls approach more naturally, is that fetishes and sexual fantasies are always more common than what is believed at first glance. Many years ago it was taboo and not openly discussed, but today many people use physical objects, clothing, or unusual situations as a means of sexual arousal. I give you a short list of things that men should not do in a sexual relationship and ruin everything. - Very short or non-existent foreplay - Do not wash the penis before intercourse. - Does not try new things, always the same routine. - He doesn't have sexual moans. - Changes position quickly and does not concentrate. - As soon as he ejaculates, he rolls over. - Finish and start watching social networks or Netflix - They speak in obscene languages ​​without being asked. - Smells bad If you want to seek pleasure and you want to drive a woman crazy in bed, it is best to have the best escort, or companion who already has experience and knows exactly what they want and what you want, so I recommend the best sites of scorts in grass, where you go to the fixed and enjoy all the sex you want.

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