November 08, 2022

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escorts taster? All you need to know The adult sex industry has undoubtedly been on the rise over time. What is known as "the oldest profession in the world" has as its main task exchanging sex for money, but what no one had ever imagined is that there would be a job vacancy, where a person is paid to receive these services sexual… that's right… we're not playing games, this is what is known as a “escorts taster” and there are two main ones… we'll tell you which one suits you best. What exactly does a Prepayment Catador do? Catador of prepayments of Agencies and Brothels. It is said that he is a manager who has sex with a certain number of girls and then punctuates their services, but the reality is sometimes the opposite. The majority of "Tasters" are those men who use juicy contracts with sex workers to request a girl and have sex with her "for free", then offer a small description of how the experience was, and even denigrating and humiliating them most of the times Each girl has on average about 20 minutes to do the casting, before moving on to the second stage, so you should instruct the girls how to open the door with a smile and avoid turning your back or making them feel uncomfortable. their clients and how you must adapt the repertoire of each girl to the fantasy of each man, although the aptitudes of each escorts is determined with experience and based on their smile, friendliness, physical beauty and any other result of their psychological test, but the The final test is the experience with a man, so this casting lends itself to placing the "Taster" in an advantageous position and taking advantage of it. escorts taster with reviews This taster considered the "Real" taster evaluates every little detail of the girl in question, he is a sex addict, who uses the reviews to proudly describe his darkest fetishes and if these have been indulged, what a boy with a sweet, the review taster is able to describe you with a flavor in his words, the blowjobs they gave him, or how wild a good ass wiggle on his penis has been, without a doubt he will leave nothing out to let you know that his services ( those of the escorts girls) are the ones that are worth the payment. What does each Girl do when they know they are going with a escorts Catador? The escorts girls in will give their best (it is convenient for them to know that their vagina is the best), that is why it is very possible that the taster performed dances and hip swaying, removing his clothes in a sensual and daring way seducing the most subtle way to relax him and make him live a unique experience (that's the purpose of making you cum to heaven). The type of chemistry is important when it comes to letting you know if they are going to do some kind of role play or some toy that stimulates the previous experience, the type of stimulation and everything that happens in the test is what you should be taken into account for a good review, in order to verify that it is a service that is worth the money you are going to invest. You should know that in a perfect world, a girl going to a casting should not feel in danger, but the reality is totally different when it comes to a taster who works for brothels, since sometimes the person who reacts in a bad way is the taster , abusing or making fun of girls, this is behavior that is not ethical at all in any case. Do not forget that you are in front of a person, not an object and above all a human being who provides you with her services. What should you expect from the place where they are going to meet? In some cases, the location will be something very important that you must consider as a taster, since above all you must ensure that it is a clean and safe place and that it maintains privacy and mutual respect above all, since in many cases this can be a factor. that influences the experience you are going to live (you do not want to visit a place with bad smells, or that is not in the right conditions for intimacy). How should the review that I am going to offer be? Each girl has her own way of entering into sex, you should highlight what was the most interesting during sex, if you liked more how she played with your penis in oral, or the way she moved her vagina to massage your penis before penetration , you must describe even the way in which she shakes her tight ass and how rich this makes you feel, you must put emotional points for example; "I can't even describe how much her vagina made me feel, she burned all my skin from how hot she was and her moans were those of a goddess." Also, you should talk generically about the girl if she is shaved and her legs are long or thick, if she immerses herself in her role, if she does not perform the striptease show for you, some like to smear themselves with oil, others get on their knees and they play that you are their King and then they get a bit naughty, some like a bit of wild sex, some like to kiss you on your neck, on your back and give you massages, some like to fulfill their victim role and then they switch roles, they all take her best skills to be teachers of temptation and your job will be to evaluate everything she does during the sex rehearsal Depending on the type of service offered, you can place positive or negative connotations, as long as this does not humiliate or denigrate either party. This is a job that many ladies in the world do, a forum is not the place you should go to get even with absolutely no one. Give a respectful and completely true opinion, always from your point of view. Is this legal in Colombia? In Colombia, although the penal code in its article 213 clearly establishes what is prohibited lewd acts such as pimping, it is also true that prostitution in persons of legal age is not a crime, according to ruling T-620 of 1995, highlighting that the court Institution says that it is immoral, but not illegal "prostitution in an undesirable act, since it violates the dignity of women" and what will inevitably be carried out should not be prohibited and therefore it is taken as a lesser evil. In this way, in Colombia prostitution is understood as a business not very distant from a kind of buying and selling, where two parties understand each other under the concepts of supply and demand and where terms are agreed and an exchange of money for a service occurs. . What Activities does a escorts Taster carry out? For those who work for brothels, the visits are made between one and four times a month depending on the mood you have, remember that the girls must always be rated on recognized websites from 1 to 5 and usually several items come out to qualify from the physical aspect, place where they offer the services, behavior, service in general and a very important aspect is to evaluate if the girl who appears in the photo is indeed the one who attends you and if the physical state in which they are is 100% the real one and not an edited image. Show a good presence and you will see how these beautiful girls will reward you. For those who are tasters of reviews, it is enough just to locate the escorts worker, either through social networks or in the forums, which is where they talk the most about workers with quality sexual services, usually their sexual addiction leads them to look for girls every week, and often experience is also gained from what is the best place, and how you should handle yourself to get the best out of each girl and avoid awkward situations (knowing how to say no, when she is not the girl you contacted in your profile) What should I take into account before becoming a taster? 1) Respect comes first Remember to always be respectful of women, even if it is a service that they are providing you, words are usually important in the sex work industry, always use terminology that does not denigrate women, for example, it usually refers to the term "sex work". ” what a whore or prostitute, since both have historically derogatory connotations and go against morals, that breaks the chemistry you can have with your escorts girl, only say it if they have already entered into confidence or if there is a dynamic of dirty words ( you must agree with her in advance). Being a taster is often not a job, but rather a pleasure that many men enjoy giving themselves. Enjoy your sexuality in the most pleasurable way possible, as long as you are a gentleman in every sense of the word. 2)Avoid communication problems After understanding what service they are offering you to avoid any communication problems, they will often be charged according to time and not for a specific service when it comes to "buying sex", so you do not charge for a "quickie" but for a short time of about 30 minutes, which is the average time that is customary in Colombia (30.60, 2 hours or a whole night). 3) Try to agree to agree As a taster, you must make sure that between you and the escorts girl you agree to negotiate mutually, what type of sex will occur, the exact price, the mutual expectations for each session, for example; Does it include anal, oral and vaginal, role play touching?, and they must also clarify the location and most importantly the rate, (remember to agree on when the cancellation of the service is made). 4) The minimum treatment they expect from you. Most sex workers or escorts make it very clear what they expect from each client, so you should never forget, avoid being violent, pay in advance, and make sure they are effective, be discreet and precise when handing over the money, never forget that sex workers have the right to say no. 5) Take care of yourself. This is something that we will never get tired of emphasizing For the safety of yourself and the sex workers themselves, you should always use a condom for both fully penetrative sex and oral sex, never offer money to sex workers without a condom, as this could put you at risk of get sexually transmitted diseases. 6) Dress presentable for the occasion A sex worker will know how to thank you very well for going clean to the meeting, try to bathe well and keep your private parts clean, so that the experience is as pleasant as possible. Remember not to go drunk or high, as this can lead to unprotected sex, reducing your ability to maintain an erection and enjoy the moment, and don't forget that being in a state out of sobriety can also make you violent or aggressive. 7) DO NOT fall in love It seems incredible, but there are many cases of clients who fall in love with their escorts, remember that sex work is a job like any other way of earning money, the main task of which is to offer a service in exchange for money, for this reason, do not try to "save" or "rescue" the escorts girl you frequent, since it is a lifestyle that is fully conscious and that being her decision, you will not be able to do anything about it. Being a review taster is by far the best option. There is nothing better than enjoying sex, sharing your options with others free of interests unrelated to yours, it is what in the end you will enjoy being a taster, humiliating and denigrating women in order to have free sex, desensitizes and can lead you to meet disgusting of the world of “sex for money” enjoy life, women, good sex and share good quality reviews, it is our best advice for you!

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