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November 08, 2022

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"Dance Dance Dance. Sus bambucos mi Tolima", says one of the fragments of the famous 'Bunde tolimense' that made the musical duo Garzón y Collazos, created in Ibagué in the 1930s, immortal. And how not to dance, if in Ibagué music is breathed everywhere, from its own citizens to emblematic places such as the Garzón y Collazos acoustic shell, which serves as a stage for musical and folkloric presentations, many of them within the framework of the Folkloric Festival Colombian. The capital of the department of Tolima is a land full of music, with a happy anthem of popular folklore that reflects the musical diversity of the city, it is enough to sing a stanza like this: They run through my veins. guitars, drums, The flutes and trebles singing go With a happy soul a great Sanjuanero Telling everyone I am your city But in this conservative city that has been my lot, where the bunde festival and the sanjuanero are celebrated every year, I want to tell my unspeakable stories to my parents, from my young and not so young years, with perverse and irresolute thoughts. It was a crazy period of my youth, where my prejudices and religious ties that had taught me in the Catholic school where I studied my high school, I released them as I got to know my sexuality and protected by a group of classmates who made me more independent and free. and rebellious. My rebellion led her to rumba and sin, I started reading playboy and masturbating in the bathroom, I couldn't moan because the house was small and everything was heard so my secret love affairs with the blondes in the magazine were deaf and dumb; With my fellow adventurers at school I visited whorehouses and seedy brothels, money was scarce and I played with cheap whores, but despite that I had fun, I enjoyed it and I even fell in love from time to time. In those times they called a goat what today is called a dog and to identify brothels there was a red light bulb at the entrance, it was where lust, sex and chaos could be found. For that time they invented a reign in Gualanday, a small nearby town, the reign was for the most beautiful prostitute in Ibagué and not only that, the best bastard of the year was also crowned, as a mockery that was made to the beauty reign from Cartagena. Gualanday was in all its splendor, affectionately called the Miami of the Ibaguereños, as a tourist spot, it was the unavoidable place to throw a pool, pot rides, rest and entertainment on weekends due to the clear and copious waters of its creek and the famous puddles of Briceño and Las Panelas. Gualanday depended economically on tourist activity, it was the main source of economic income for its population, everything was sold for tourists, fritanga, empanadas with chili, beer, flip flops, bathing suits, floats, etc. In the fronts of the houses they installed improvised showcases or tables with sales of warm biscuits of all kinds, quesillos and fruits, in addition to restaurants and hotels, in which a good one stood out that was even chosen by some soccer teams, among them, Deportivo Cali, as a place of concentration when they played in Ibagué. But there was also no lack of drinks in the bars and canteens, so Gualanday was the place chosen by some brave 'goats' of those years, among whom were well-known businessmen, lawyers, doctors, merchants, sports leaders and politicians, among others. others, of which we will not give names for obvious reasons. We will only cite places and events, as we consider them part of the hidden history of a modest and anchorite city, but at the same time picaresque and mocking. Perhaps to mitigate that prudish society and the double standards of those times, between the end of November and the beginning of December, Gualanday was the scene of an almost clandestine reign, the prostitute and the bastard of the year were crowned, selected by all the clients of the meeting houses in Ibagué, who had to sign up on a list and had to attend the event in order to vote. The rules were simple, the majority of votes won, the queen had to fill in not only the height, hip, bust and waist measurements, but also grace, bearing and that the clients give good references; meanwhile, the bastard or goat, was that customary visitor to the whorehouses, in addition to being a good lover and putting up with the infidelities of his friends, he also had to be generous and quite cool, he was chosen by the owners of the whorehouse. Defined the winners of the reign not without first having paraded, in a bathing suit and crowned in a long dress, some actually put on miniskirts, and then the royal dance where all the attendees could dance with the crowned and uncrowned queens, that day sex was negotiated, only rumba and drink. They took the bastard of the year out on their shoulders in a terrible shouting and They got into a dark blue convertible car, he was the winner's aide; The owner of the car was a distinguished merchant from Ibagué who also lent the car for processions during Holy Week, a tour of Gualanday was made with a string of cars and a couple of goats full of drunken boys who continued to offer brandy to everyone who passed by. . The brothels and brothels in Ibagué at that time had women's names like Lili, Mireya, Marina la rica and the house with the red gate. The eroticism that these places had, some smelled of incense to remove the smell of cigarettes and drinks and others of cheap perfumes from the workers, but it was the smell of lewd women that attracted hundreds of customers, who for different reasons visited these delicious places that left some good memories for me. The reason for some could be spite, for others mere curiosity, or simply lust and desire or unfulfilled love that could be achieved here for a few pesos, and with that they called him my love. I had never met a transvestite, I knew about them and knew stories, but seeing it at first sight made an impression on me, some girls were envious of him, because he had regular clients and they said he earned more than them, I understood that there was a market for everything, the she sat alone, smoked a cigarette and just waited, she didn't make noise like the other girls or go from table to table, that is to say, a real lady. Now society accepts gay marriages, they kiss in the street and no one is surprised, that is, there have always been homosexuals and people who like the opposite sex, but back then society was more demure and let's put it that way, underhanded or better sly. What they called sunrises began to appear, they were bailaderos generally frequented by prostitutes and men of happy life who went out partying after the brothels closed, they went to have fun and enjoy themselves until the body got tired and they had enough money. Among the sunrises, one of the first was El Caney, then Los Violines and later Cueros Show, all of which worked in the same place where the Café Shop is today; later Buchana's and El Castillo and the House of Memory appeared. You can also count some cafes and bars in the center of the city such as El Istanbul, Mi Cafecito, Lusitana, Sótanos del Molino, Rosas de la Tarde, La Última Copa, El 2001 and some with names of tangos, related to the atmosphere of at night, brothel and silence there you could get cheap prostitutes, but you didn't have to pay the cover which is what brothels charge for going out with a girl, only the value of the service, so many unemployed students were regulars at these business. In these times the business has changed, but there are vestiges of those times such as the Casa de las Casadas. Years go by and no authority or administration has been able to close it despite the fact that it is located a few meters from the Tolima clinic, in the heart of the city, and that it violates clear provisions for the operation of this type of business. I had many anecdotes to tell, some cool, others not so much, like the house of the lady who played castanets and danced flamenco, located a few meters from the police before reaching 21 with Carrera 3a. The most exalted politicians and public officials of the time attended; the Christmas celebration at the Portón Dorado, where customers had a canteen or open bar and women were free; the one about a circus dancer who, because she was having fun, forgot that the season was over, they left her and she ended up working there to pay off the debt; or that of a well-known Pan American champion athlete who ended up pawning the spare tire of his car to pay the bill. The typical of the infidel that his wife looked for him in more than five places until she found him and slapped him out, in addition to the ridicule of all the attendees they did not let him in again, the drunk who did not have money to pay and did not they let him out until his wife came to pay the bill and many more. All these cases, some hilarious, others not so many, were diluted over time, at a time when it was easier to live without the constraints of now. These thoughts come to me at a time that I think should be rescued from memory and feel that it has been lived, in my way and as I wanted. Knowing that there was a night owl and whore Ibagué, that the profane and sinners enjoyed and that the escorts girls finished. Why those places were called brothels can never be understood, because one didn't date anyone, but instead went and met someone who was already ready and without knowing him he told one, darling, what are you taking, in paisa tone without being paisa, because every whore that is respected was from Pereira. To those endearing girls who gave their bodies and many times I gave them my heart, I wanted them or to sign a poem, if anyone wants to listen to it, it will be soon that I write again on this subject. Nostalgia overwhelms me at this moment and there is nothing to do, but for those who have come this far, I will leave you with the best information so that you can go out and do your delicious little things with the girls of the moment, the escorts girls who give us pleasure now. In Ibagué you can find them everywhere and if, one is richer than the other, you have to choose well, don't rush, there is something for everyone. there is something for you to choose from. looking good and pretty. are among the best. See you next time, see you later.

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