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November 19, 2022

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Despite insulting warnings like "what are you going to do there?", I try to uncover the secrets I think the city has kept from me, and despite my fervent hopes of an exciting weekend, the ancient and noble The city of Tunja, as they call it, has me to myself. The cliché joke that the capital of Boyacá is the sexiest city in the country “because you will arrive when you land” is very wrong. The people of Tunja are respected, loved and know how to defend their land. Tunja is one of the best kept secrets in this country. At least it worked fine for me. Although I've been tired of traveling lately, the day before arriving in the capital of Boyacá, a client's dog attacked me and managed to brush his teeth against me, although it wasn't a bite as such. I'm a little angry, furious, and although I should be, I don't want to throw a tantrum in Tunja, I just want to have an extreme, excessive, liberating or weird weekend if necessary. I say this because it is all very exciting, but for some strange reason I feel that the city has been rejected, I believe that Tunja is still a well hidden secret for sex tourism, just like me, many adventurers like that, we can guarantee that Tunja is the paradise of sex My partner wants everything from me this weekend and has already met a friend who is going to have a private party with a swinger couple, all inclusive. When we arrived at the venue, the organizers had already gotten to work and the party was very lively. He knew exactly what to do. Of course, this service is more expensive. Tunja is a cold city, but the nightlife is very lively and the atmosphere is very warm; when we entered, I was aware of the situation: to my left, two girls were giving a boy blowjob; Furthermore, to my right the situation was reversed, two to one; behind was a small group, not clearly defined but agitated. It all started quite organized because we started as a couple, but the drinks, rubbing against other people near you while having sex, some single guys watching live sex, cheering themselves up, well as I tell you, things got hot and after a while it started the battle of trios and quartets. I was in the group that wanted to try everything and I was very impressed. It was my first time in these kinds of parties, but I had already seen videos and they had told me, but that is a very different thing from experiencing it firsthand. Before I knew it, I was in a threesome with two men I didn't know, and my partner with two women who were sitting on the couch near us. At one point, I was also involved in weird body positions where people were running in a certain order and it was loud and funny at times (no one was laughing, but everyone was very focused). It's hard to balance the pace when there's more than one person, and it's even harder between four or five people. Whenever I moved or wanted to change locations, I would always look for a good spot and hope that penetration would be as comfortable as possible, although this is not always the case. There was a time when if I didn't want to be left out, believe me, because the competition was fierce and there were more women than men, I had to hunker down and flex my hips in a very weird way to let the guy do what he wanted. I took the opportunity to kiss and suck a good piece of bread, of course the position was sometimes so strange that I almost felt cramps, but the desire won me more than the pain. I remember the smell well, it was sweaty, it was boiled cauliflower, it was spicy. The body was also a bit sticky, after rubbing, sucking, kissing and rubbing again, the whole body turns into a gasping mass. The other thing besides the smell and the slimy body was the moaning, it must have been loud, it must have been heard on the floors above and below the apartment we were in and it must have been heard outside the building, because the noise became so dramatic. that you can already imagine. In this situation I thought she was a porn actress and I think more than one guy too, I think it's inevitable. The next day I slept well, I had a good breakfast, I was thinking about what to do again, I just suggested that I was a little tired, we decided to stay at the hotel and enjoy the surroundings, we went out to Plaza de Bolívar, very clean, nice, safe, spaces spacious, the nearby blocks are pedestrianized, next to it there is a parking lot, there are places to eat nearby, we went back to the hotel, the pool has hot water and then to the room. My very horny partner started having a few drinks and suggested that, because we couldn't get a girl and put on a good show, the guy had no filler and he didn't just want me, he wanted another woman. In fact, he told me to call a good escort and it took me a while to choose because the girls' offer was very impressive. I started with the inevitable mileroticos, Lots of girls and a good offer, but I didn't want to settle for that, as good as I am, I wanted someone equal to or better than me. I continued with skokka Very good females, good prices. The offer was not that great, but there were also many beloved girls. So I had to decide The offer was very good, there are many pretty girls. so i had to decide Looking for the best of the best using all the services according to my preferences. I found this beauty and I was hooked from start to finish, it goes like this: Hello everyone, my name is Diana, I just arrived in town with a flirty butt. . . Precious, perfect, angelic face, full lips. . . University, 25 years. I offer oral, vaginal and anal sex... Professional relaxing and stimulating massage. For a while, or Dawn, threesome, positions as you want, erotic dances. 100% real photos. 20 minutes to confirm your service and I will deliver it to you from my comfort at home Departures to and around Tunja. I chose this girl, who seemed very beautiful to me. We were all ready to meet each other. I put on a skirt that wasn't too short or too long, a shirt that fell a bit, and my best panties, him, pants and a dark shirt that went so well together and the lotion smelled so good it would lift any girl. We got ready and waited for the female, drinking whiskey and listening to good music while I sat on the sofa with the phone, and a glass of wine to pass the time. As soon as he arrived, he knew immediately that I was in the mood too. I noticed that the photos were completely real, good detail and the girl is a cookie. So we talked to Calzón Quitao and we told him that we wanted to have fun with all the toys. We got down to business and got to work, drinking wine, listening to good music, my partner invited her to dance, I sat down and watched them dance and I gave her orders and he followed them one by one; I kissed her neck, I kissed her on her lips, I took her butt, I sucked on her nipples, I finally let her undress her. I told her to feel her boner in her pants. When he turned to look at me, I was half naked and he noticed that my breasts were very tasty; in fact, we hadn't actually failed in hiring, she was a very nice woman and she was pretty hot. Then I sent her to get on all fours on the carpet so I could see her and that she could see me, my partner and a was naked and he began to fuck her doggy style, I was masturbating when the fucking started, my partner was doing a good job and his cock was fine, but the best thing was when I saw the female's orgasm and my arrechera was even greater when I saw that she was cumming and I felt it too, coming in a great orgasm. I don't know if I think I'm more perverted than them, I don't know, but I feel like I'm becoming one, this business has those risks. The next day we walked again to the Tunja shopping center and at night my partner worked in the brothel business and we visited some he already knew and others who had invited him. We got to know the most popular ones like Acuarios, La Donne del Pandemonium and others that I found very cool. If you are interested in this business, I will tell you what I learned from my partner; an official license is required to set up a prostitution business. These are prostitution establishments; brothels and similar establishments (for example, saunas or strip clubs, brothels in private homes or apartments), vehicles of prostitution (for example, "love caravans"), prostitution activities (for example, sex trafficking parties), and brokerage of prostitution. services (such as escort agencies). If a sex worker works regularly or occasionally in a household with one or more partners, it is essentially considered a prostitution business. A permit must be obtained and the functions of the company manager must be performed by a single person. Operators may only allow sexual service providers with valid registration certificates to work in their establishments. In addition, they must provide providers of sexual services with access to counseling or guidance at any time, including working hours. Providers of sexual services may require that their employment contracts and other agreements be in writing. This also applies to proof of payment, such as rent receipts. Employers cannot charge sex workers excessive (abusive) rents or prices. Before issuing a license, the competent authorities check whether the person provides the necessary confidence to operate a prostitution business. Businesses must comply with the law. For example, they must provide adequate sanitary facilities for sex workers and their clients. Premises where sexual services are provided must have emergency call devices and must not be used as bedrooms or living rooms. Authorities may allow exemptions from certain requirements for private establishments of prostitution. Therefore, those who decide to make a living by opening a brothel, and any organized company that wants to open a business anywhere in Colombia, must of course follow these rules. After this trip to Tunja I have not returned, but the memory of this weekend is unforgettable. I never went to an orgy again, let alone two in a row. Also, going to one is not just saying, hey, I'm here to have fun. I'm late? Or don't worry, we're just naked? No, it is not, besides nobody has invited me to one again and the one who invited me never called me again. So I'm still in business and I hope I have another good story to tell my friends, surprises never stop coming, see you next time.

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