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November 29, 2022

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The city of Villavicencio has been a scenario that has seen the arrival of many women who yearn to find there a means of economic survival that frees them from the misery they experience in their country. Brothels are establishments that are like magnets for those women who come to the city in search of opportunities, and are the scenarios in which countless women enter the exercise of prostitution. To find out more about the matter and to know first hand, I decide and go directly to the San Benito neighborhood, which was instituted that night businesses dedicated to activities related to the use and trade of sex would operate in an entire block of the commune. I arrived at a brothel, or chongo, as they call it, in San Benito; There were three girls talking outside and they saw me coming and asked me. - what do you need? - I want a good female tonight, hopefully Venezuelan, I told him. – Here Venezuelans are what there is, almost all of them are from there, I am Colombian, but I can also serve you for whatever, daddy, trying to imitate a paisa accent that did not come out very well. - We entered the place and it was still early, the smell of cheap perfume, smoke and toiletries, stirred in a specific way, causing me discomfort; There were some girls doing their nails and they looked at me suspiciously, suspiciously. Meanwhile, I sit at a table and the Colombian girl stays with me, she asks me what she's going to drink, bring a beer I tell her. Marisol, between berraquera and depression Marisol Fuentes, mother of two children, decided to return to sex work at the age of 35, seven years after leaving the last brothel in Bogotá, even though she had promised herself that she would not work in this again. When she handed me the beer, Marisol said that she started at 19 when she read in the newspaper that they needed female escorts for events. She had already worked on other things, but she had gone like "dogs at mass", so she decided to participate in the newspaper's call. There, she realized that, “all the girls were dressed up and smelled good. At first I was scared, but when they told me what I was going to win, I did it”, recalls the attractive Marisol. Marisol is a tall woman with black hair and too much makeup trying to hide everything that life has thrown her way. At first glance, Marisol is a strong woman who knows how to protect herself and doesn't let anyone get too far. However, this did not stop her from being abused. One day she left at dawn with a very nice guy, so she lowered her guard and agreed to go somewhere outside the residence. They had agreed to do everything except anal sex, but when they got to the hotel he wanted to do without the condom, which she never accepted. They had a fight. - No, we can't. - Why, if I am clean, you are not clean? -Yes, but I don't want to have sex without a condom. - Do you know that you are a whore? It is then that he grabs her, puts her on all fours and tries to rape her; when she manages to shake him off of her, he turns and slaps him twice: "No fucking slapping, I hit him so hard my hands hurt." But she kept fighting and he hit her. When he was almost giving up, she managed to push him away from her with her legs and ran to the side of her with all her strength. She started to run towards the parking lot, only to find that the door was locked from the outside. She started screaming until he grabbed her hair, pulled her to the ground, and started hitting her hard across her face and chest. Fortunately, the service people opened the door and called the security guard for help: "When he heard the guard, he reacted and let me go," Marisol recalled, it was one of the most difficult moments of her life. I tell Marisol that I want a Venezuelan and she calls Paola, she, a 21-year-old mother of two who used to live in Venezuela, but now lives in Villavicencio, sat down with me and I ask her for a beer emigrate to survive Paola arrived in Villavicencio directly from San Fernando de Apure. She knew that she had to go into sex work, and she knew it the moment she made the decision. She had never left her town; At the age of 19, she was already married and with a son, who is now five years old. Her husband was in prison paying for a crime she didn't want to talk about, and the needs of her children and family dictated her decision. She took a bus to the state of Apure, but instead of crossing the José Antonio Páez International Bridge, she took a boat with two other women. Entering Colombia from Venezuela through the Arauca river is usually easier than through Norte Santander, since this is a forgotten region and not targeted by the authorities. He travels through Arauca, a passage for Venezuelan migrants who cross the border day and night in canoes, often loaded with contraband. 26 is the number of people who can travel by boat from one border to another for about $2,000 Colombian pesos without a migratory card that allows them to legally enter Colombia. Although each place has its dangers, the Arauca route is the least dangerous “route” for Venezuelans who decide to leave their country, since the price paid is higher on the San Antonio de Táchira and Cúcuta routes. But women in particular are sexually abused, mistreated and even disappear. In Villavicencio he settled in a chongo, "The first time he was terrifying because he had never been with so many men," Paola admits calmly, apparently ashamed of her profession. But knowing that prostitution would allow her to support the child she hoped to take with her, she says she works hard to cover the cost of what it means for her to stay in a hotel, where they charge her $25,000 a night as opposed to a house where they have to pay $10,000 a day, but with many restrictions. She is very good at combing and braiding her hair, which is why her colleagues ask her to "leave them well mommy" to work all night. She has no health care, no pension, not to mention the risk to her career, since she lives with the daily fear of being deported, not to mention that her husband was murdered months ago after he was released from prison. When Marisol realizes that I don't want sex but rather chat, she leaves and Carolina approaches, who is a young woman, tall and with beautiful curves, which she says is a plus to attract clients. But she's also what allows her to have the privilege of fucking several guys in one night because she moves her ass so good that it makes them come fast. Unlike Marisol, Carolina did not cross the border illegally; She arrived in Cúcuta from Caracas with her immigration card and her one and a half year old son. She had $30,000 Colombian pesos to live on while they found work for her, hers, her youngest son, the other two children she left in the care of her mother, and her nuclear family, a family made up of about 10 people . The father of her children had gone to Brazil in search of work, apparently to help the family, but she never heard from him again. It became more and more difficult for her to eat in Venezuela, after much thought she decided to come to Colombia to look for work. She was only in Cúcuta for two days and could not find a job. She accepted a man's offer to work in Bucaramanga, but they told her that she could not live in a house with her son and they put many obstacles in her way. She got a job in a fast food restaurant, she had only been in Bucaramanga for two months, but life was very expensive, she decided to go to Bogotá for a while, but there it was increasingly difficult for her to take care of her son. Therefore, after about two months, she finally arrived in Villavicencio. The capital of Meta did not seem like an option for a mother with a son of a year and a half either; she and her minor did not have lodging, so she went to the Cristalina area of ​​Puerto Gaitán where she could live with her son. She was able to save some money and decided to return to Villavicencio because now she can afford the "luxury" of a hotel room. During the day, in addition to sleeping, she shares with her son, but work starts at 5 and she has to leave him alone. She left him a cell phone, taught him how to answer it, and calls him until she realizes that he falls asleep. They currently live in a house that costs 450,000 pesos a month relatively close to San Benito. She dreams of a business and the opportunity to work in other fields, the same things she had tried, but she was not earning enough. She has to send $200,000 pesos a week to her family in Venezuela because they have many needs. She confirms that in her country of origin she buys food in dollars due to the devaluation of the bolivar. That's why she prefers to be a sex worker, and although she doesn't like to be touched, she doesn't allow them to kiss her on her mouth because her kisses are for when she finds the love of her life. She prefers the "moments" because they are in her residence, and she avoids the sunrises, because they want to kiss her and suck her tits a lot, which she hates. In addition, she fears that they will abuse her or even make her disappear: "I am more afraid of Colombians," says Carolina, because she has met very violent men and/or people who do not respect her decisions. Around 7 pm the manager in charge, a trans guy, came and sat next to us, greeting very kindly, he stroked Caroline's leg, asking her why she didn't report, besides that she hadn't dressed up enough to work that night. The administrator continued and told us, "Us trans guys, we take better care of ourselves than the average woman," referring to the use of condoms, as well as always trying to look good and smell good. I always demand that all my partners always use condoms because many women contract sexually transmitted diseases in the name of love, but those who make relationships a financial transaction cannot afford that luxury. The conversation ends, the receptionist starts ordering more drinks, and then Carolina smiles and takes the last sip of her beer to say goodbye to her. She must be ready to go to work. I'm leaving, the girls needed someone to talk to, someone who would listen to them even if I hadn't had sex with them, I think it was a very good experience.

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