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May 18, 2023

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We are in Colombia, an undeniable reality is that the practice of prostitution is legal and does not go against any norm in our country. What's more, if we go to Medellín, we will be able to see one of the cities with the highest number of whores per capita in the world, Medellín has really been put on the map as one of the most desirable destinations for sex tourists in the world, and Not only that, we can also notice how Medellín has even become a center for the production of erotic content. Medellín is very representative for its number of models on onlyfans, as well as its number of women dedicated to working as webcam models. What happens in Medellin? Or rather what is happening in Colombia, unfortunately for many years Colombia has been losing quality jobs in the industry in general and its countryside has become unproductive except for some areas dedicated to coffee, plantains, rice and potatoes. Sadly, the young women in Colombia do not know what to do, they are talented and very beautiful, and it is precisely this quality that tends to take what, in quotes, has become the "easier path". Where else in the world can you find such beautiful women selling their bodies and exposing their beauty shamelessly? Hardly anywhere in the world can match Medellin for having the most beautiful unemployed women in the world. Colombia shares with Thailand, the Netherlands, Cambodia and the Dominican Republic, as the countries with the highest sex tourism in the world. If we add to this content sales platforms such as onlyfans or webcam pages, in addition to the aforementioned sex work, we can affirm that we are the world power of sex work in the world, Medellín being a place that houses a lot of work for women. escorts (job for discreet escort, job as a discreet whore Medellín). But there is no bed for so many people, Medellín is swimming in an oversupply of prostitutes that reaches unbeatable levels in the world; If we could get a cost-benefit indicator from the offer of prostitution or sex work in Medellin, there would be no competitor that could even come close to Medellin, why do we say so? Because Medellin is the only place on earth where such beautiful women sell their sex for 30 USD or less. Medellín seems like a place from another planet, it's incredible so many women who could be consummate models in other countries can charge only 30 USD or less for a bit of sex; and watch out! Not any sex! We are talking about penetrative, oral, vaginal and even anal sex, a whole GFE (girlfriend experience) for just that, 30 USD!!! When talking about whore jobs in Medellín we cannot omit the iconic Parque Lleras. At what point did this park, which was so emblematic, or the equivalent of the 93 park in Bogotá, become an open-air brothel? We don't know, some speculate that around the year 2015, this site turned its corners and spaces in general into places where the escort workers in Medellin negotiate their services, their nights and pleasures. There are many ways to work as an escort in Medellin or work as an escort in Medellin, you can go to Parque Lleras and sit in a corner, negotiate with presenters, jaladores or directly with your clients, you can go to brothels, massage parlors, you can publish Internet ads on already recognized sites such as mileroticos or photoprepagos or you can opt for the best option of all: an escort agency to work as a VIP whore, an escort with high income in Medellín. These are apparently the fast ways to become an escort whore in Medellin, but everything has a risk, in all women must take precautions and make an evaluation of the situation, we cannot also forget the clandestine networks that operate in universities, schools and neighborhoods trying to attract young girls for clandestine parties with foreigners, where they take them to consume a lot of liquor and hallucinogenic substances, definitely a path of no return to the dark world of drug addiction or even worse to the white slave trade. If the situation of the country and its economy or simply the girls have such an open mind that they enjoy sex work too much, because it is not always out of necessity, it is rarely, let's examine the options: 1. You can start working as a webcam model, you can do it from home or from a studio, but you always have to keep in mind that this is a long road, it will take months before you can position your profile and achieve traffic that allows you to have a style of outstanding life, you must invest hours and hours a day prospecting until someone chooses your profile among millions against whom you compete in the world 2. Going to the park you get to work like a whore in medellin in a corner, it is also an option, however you must take into account all the risks of the street, exposure and social lynching, which is the least of it, if you consider what What it is to face alone at night with men in a state of drunkenness, work or sociopathic problems that can put your integrity at risk, without taking into account the increasing harassment of the authorities who try to wash the face of Parque Lleras, it is zero recommended for a beautiful young lady in medellin go to expose herself in the park lleras definitely 3. A situation similar to the previous one occurs with brothels and massage parlors, you are exposed to social lynching, as well as in point 1, you also depend on the traffic in the place, you will have to stay up late and expose yourself the same as in option number 2 , unlike you have the protection of the place, let's say you can have a little more control over who and how you will be, if you feel compromised with your safety you could just yell. These last 3 options will definitely not guarantee a leap in the quality of life of the young woman who decides to take them in Medellín, but they will definitely help her to have a decent income. 4.In this fourth point we will examine the most recommended option, working as an escort in medellin, escort in medellin, escort or escort in medellin through the best escort agency in Colombia: LA CELESTINA in la celestina accounts with access to the best clients, the most respectful businessmen, tourists, politicians, actors and executives, the clientele is selected and studied before being admitted, a escort in Medellín with the matchmaker or an escort in Medellin with the matchmaker earns around 5 million pesos / month with less than 1 hour of work per day on average, without having to stay up late or expose yourself to the dangers of the street. She always has a team of professionals behind her to take care of her integrity on all fronts, physical, psychological and moral integrity. The entry process is very simple but at the same time competitive. In this space we want to detail it as best as possible The first thing you should do is contact the agency through the different contact alternatives offered by the agency, e-mail, whats app, telegram or cell phone call Once you contact the agency, you will be asked for random photos of your face and full body, which will never be published, and will only be accessible to the agency recruiter. The photos are requested to see how suitable you are to enter the agency. La Celestina is a high standing agency, it has more than 50 requests for admission per day, so it always begins with this evaluation of photos, where obesity, unnatural marks on the body and faces with very abrupt features are ruled out. Once your photos are observed, if your profile is considered suitable to enter the agency, you will be assigned an appointment for an interview at the agency's facilities In the interview, it is verified that you are the person in the photos, the way you dress and speak is evaluated. This is a normal interview, like the one any company does, where do you live?, with whom do you live? What time availability do you have? How much do you expect to earn? In this space you can also clear all your doubts... what do you have to do? No, how much would you earn... anyway... If the recruiter considers your profile attractive, he assigns you an appointment with the photographer. For the photo session you should wear your best and sexiest outfits, since a large part of your success in the agency depends on this. The agency's income basically depends on 2 aspects, first, your availability of time, and second, how attractive you look in the photos, normally a model's income ranges from 3 million to 15 million. payment is daily With this article we hope we have cleared up all the doubts you may have to become a solvent, secure and happy escorts company in your activity.

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