girlfriend escort, reality or fiction? in english

September 27, 2022

One of the main objectives of escorts or companion girls is to fully satisfy not only the basic needs of their clients, but also and especially their most desired fantasies. However, there is one of those fantasies that, although quite common, very rarely (if ever) comes true. It is about when the Client feels a special attraction for some prostitute and seeks to continue seeing her, more and more frequently and not only in the privacy of the bed, but in restaurants, out to dance, perhaps on walks to the beach or to the mountain. The client has begun to fall in love with his hostess and aspires to be reciprocated. He is looking for a courtship. He wants to go from Customer to Lover, and who doesn't? A young, beautiful, accommodating woman, always cheerful, smiling and willing. It's not just about looking for free sex, without payment, but getting it from a beautiful, young and experienced woman. But let's not forget that these girls have all these virtues because we pay them to have them. Love is painted blind and never with more reason when the lover takes notice of her call-girl. The hostesses are sex professionals, which has provided them with skills that other young women may never develop. In addition, they are trained and willing to provide pleasure and satisfaction as many times as required. Discretion and tolerance are some of their main virtues: they will never, for example, make us a scene of jealousy or be interested in checking our cell phones or our emails. Between their modes of behavior there will never be room for a headache. They dress in fashion, with brand clothes, with a very provocative style. In short, they are almost perfect women, designed for sex tourism. But, pay close attention to this point: let's not forget that tourism is one thing and immigration is quite another. Let's imagine for a moment that our fantasy is fulfilled and our beautiful sex provider looks up and notices us as men and not as clients: what do you think would happen? Well, behind her delicious face made up for love, the woman will appear, little by little, the real woman who is probably jealous, perhaps possessive, who will eventually be unwilling for sex, or what is even worse: the hateful and annoying headaches. In other words, the escorts girl is in itself a fantasy and if at some point we feel some kind of amorous attraction towards her, we must be clear that we are falling in love with an illusion, a mirage with the scent of a woman. We could not rule out that on some occasion (although very, very rarely) the escort feels attracted to her client, but this attraction will always be based on patronage: luxurious gifts, elegant restaurants, spectacular hotels. And let's not overlook this question: are we the only one? Wouldn't she, secretly, secretly continue to exercise the trade that has brought her so many benefits? In history there have been beautiful courtesans who have used her charms to obtain wealth and power alongside extremely powerful men: Aspasia of Miletus knew how to reach and stay by the side of the influential Athenian politician Pericles. Aspasia belonged to the group of the Hetairas, foreign women to Athens, possessors of great beauty and who were trained as children to cheer up meetings and banquets in which their sexual services were included. Cleopatra was not a courtesan, far from it, but she had no scruples in using her feminine charms to conquer the desire and love of the Roman general Julius Caesar and, later, that of Marco Antonio and thus achieve the reign of Egypt and his permanence in Egypt. the. In the 6th century, Theodora went from prostitute to empress of the Byzantine Empire when she married the Emperor Justinian. In the 16th century, Veronica Franco, a Venetian courtesan, is offered as a gift to the future King of France, Henry II, with which Italy achieves a desired alliance with France. But what should be noted about these seductive and ambitious women is that their relationships were never marked by love but by opportunism, wealth and power. And her consorts were Emperors, politicians or military officers of the highest rank. Men with enough power to satisfy their prostitutes. But back in the present, the Client (now elevated to the status of Mistress himself) begins to believe that his love fantasy has come true, but nothing could be further from the truth. The prostitute is a professional, a professional lover who feels well paid and well cared for and she is not going to give up that life so easily. An escort girl with boyfriend deals with a client is nothing more than a fantasy, never a reality. If you think that love can drag any of these beautiful girls into your arms, forever, forget it: that will not happen!

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