How to be a wealthy escort and not die trying in english

December 16, 2021

<p>Being an escort really is not just to accompany, have sex and return the next day. There are many rules, tips, advice and good information on how to be a professional escort and not die trying, do you want to learn to be a wealthy escort and not die trying? Here we are going to teach you what is necessary.</p> <p><a href="">How to be a wealthy escort&nbsp;</a><br />Being a wealthy escort not only has a good presence, because sometimes they do not want only sex, but a good company. It's not about someone who shines a lot, but someone with whom to have a good time, do you know how to achieve it? Today we are going to show you.</p> <p>Dress elegant, not with little clothes<br />If men only wanted to see a provocative woman they can go somewhere else, even to a disco, why not? A wealthy escort invests in her clothes intelligently, how? It does not necessarily have to be bare clothes, but very elegant clothes. Clothing is very important because a wealthy escot person will not go anywhere, but where the clothes speak for themselves. Wherever you go you have to be elegant, no transparent clothing, but a combination between elegance and provocation, but without showing much, just enough.</p> <p>Improve your way of speaking<br />Wealthy escort or escorts are not just going to please a man in an hour or two, but goes much further. An educated person, who knows how to speak and blows away the guests or friends of the man, will make one think; It is not just a escort , it is an incredible woman. And my dear companion, this will provide you with clients, I assure you that more than one will take your number away from the man with whom you are. That is why it is very important, a wealthy escort is a woman with enough presence when speaking.</p> <p>You always have to be organized<br />As for hygiene, clothing, your way of speaking and in almost everything you should have a lot of order, why? Because a man who hires an escort forgets many things. For this reason you should have on hand some things like; condoms, wet towels, lubricant, massage oil and much more. Nor do you require a gigantic bag, actually with a small and elegant one, is enough. This is what a man looks for in escorts, who are very organized, clean and have everything at hand.</p> <p>You will not die trying!<br />These tips are basic and essential, but there are many tips so you don't die trying. But basically this is what you should keep in mind to be a wealthy escort; have an elegant and provocative image, be an educated person and have to talk and finally be very neat and organized. This, along with other tips, will guarantee you to be one of the best wealthy escorts. If you have any doubts, you can contact us and have a better image of what a wealthy escort is, we will really make you grow.</p>

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