Independent escorts in Medellin in english

January 25, 2022

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What you have to know before hiring an Independent escorts in Medellín Although today there are many escorts agencies in Medellin, it is quite common to find independent prepaid. We tell you everything you need to know before hiring an independent prepaid in Medellin and what are the pros and cons compared to a specialized agency. Medellín is full of beautiful women and many of them are willing to have sex with you for a fee. And why not? If it is that the escorts paisas are as beautiful as they are hot and they are worth every peso you can pay for them. However, you may be tempted to save a few pesos by contracting directly with an independent prepaid. What is an independent escort? They are women who work independently. That is, they do not have an intermediary between them and their clients. The transaction is between the two parties and there are no third parties involved. They do not have to pay a commission to the agency and they themselves are in charge of promoting their services; get your customers, make yourself known etc. How much does an independent escort charge in Medellín? This will always depend on many factors; age, location, physical appearance, services to be provided and length of service. In general, a slut in Medellín in her 25-30 years, pretty and with a good body, will charge per hour with all services included; vaginal and anal penetration and oral sex with a condom approximately $180,000 Colombian pesos not including payment for the motel or site. It is a lower rate compared to other call girls with similar characteristics but that work for agencies. The prices of a prepaid of this type per hour are around $280,000 Colombian pesos. Where to find independent whore in Medellin? Many of these independent escort services offer their services through voice-to-voice. They have some fixed clients who usually recommend them to other clients and in this way they make their services known. Some work in specific areas of Medellin where it is common to find prepaid. Another way to make yourself known as an independent escort in Medellin is through social networks like Twitter. Just do a little search for "independent prepaid Medellín" on this platform and hundreds of offers from ladies looking for clients will appear. Some of them offer sexual services and others only virtual entertainment; hot video calls, sexual conversations, photographs, etc. In any case, the services and the payment for them would be agreed with the escort directly. Pros of hiring an independent escort in Medellín Price: They are much cheaper than an escort that works for a specialized agency. Without intermediaries: You can negotiate directly with it rates for days, trips, weekends or ask for special discounts. Payment in cash: Payment can be made in cash once the service is completed. Cons of hiring an independent escort in Medellín No one guarantees that everything will work out: An agency ensures that the prepayment arrives at the agreed place, at the agreed time and complies with the services previously paid and agreed between the agency and the client. With an independent prepayment, the negotiations, as well as the complaints or claims, do not have a mediator who can guarantee your satisfaction or the return of your money. Insecurity: Nobody guarantees that the independent escort you met online is who they say they are and you can become a victim of scams or even theft and blackmail. this is really dangerous, you can be drugged with burundanga and end up killed, check the news Discretion: A prepayment agency has strict policies of discretion with its clients. You won't have to worry about the woman you paid for sex later looking for you at home or blackmailing you. This does not happen with all independent prepayments, but it is an inherent risk of the condition.

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