It will be or will it not be? in english

September 27, 2022

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“Think wrong and you will be right”, says a phrase attributed to the controversial writer and thinker Machiavelli. “Although they pay just for sinners”, we would add. And it is that in the topic that we are going to deal with in this article, in general, when there is suspicion, it is because there are causes. Is my girlfriend, or even my wife, a whore? There have been cases. And more. A young nurse confessed to us that a friend of hers, also a nurse, married with children, worked as a prostitute on a regular basis. Her facade was precisely her job, through which she invented night shifts or during the weekends. The prostitute of health did not feel the slightest remorse since a large part of the money obtained through her sex went directly to the well-being of the family and the husband himself. Do you suspect your girlfriend? Do you think she is a prepaid girl? The first thing you should pay attention to is her level of income and her spending on clothes, shoes, handbags, even an apartment. Does she earn enough to pay for those products? If the answer is NO, then you already have a good reason to suspect. Does Ella Se ella miss you frequently, especially on weekends? That at some point your girlfriend tells you that she wants to visit her family or a friend in another city, and she wants to go alone, that's normal. Let's not get paranoid either. But if this practice is recurrent and frequent, that is already very suspicious. The management that the bride gives to her cell phone is key in this matter. We understand that we all have the right to protect our privacy, so it is normal that we keep our cell phones protected with passwords or fingerprint or face recognition. That's one thing, but quite another is that the girl always keeps it on but in silent mode, that she doesn't let go of her cell phone even for a second or that she starts answering messages as soon as we get a few meters away from her. In other words, the very naughty girl has a party set up in her small device and she doesn't want her boyfriend to find out about it. Lack of sexual appetite is another important sign. And it's to be expected that after the aforementioned has spent the weekend working with her clients, she won't be in the mood to offer sex to the official boyfriend. There are cases in which the prostitute's partner is aware of her job and, well, they don't give the matter much importance. She takes it for what it is: a well-paid job. But you have to be very boar to assume a situation like that, because it is not easy to accept and handle naturally the fact that your girl hits anyone whenever she wants. José, a young man from Antioquia, published online that his girlfriend practices whoring as a profession, but he clarifies that they met in a brothel, started dating and fell in love. Even so, the girl never thought of abandoning her job. In his confession, José admits that this relationship was possible because from the beginning he was aware of his girl's occupation. He admits that it would have been very difficult to manage if the couple had started from exclusivity and then she had opened up to prostitution. José clarifies that, apart from the specifics of his girlfriend's job, in everything else the relationship goes quite normally. He even introduced her to her family and confessed the girl's trade to them. But despite his many explanations, the family still believes that he is nothing more than the "pimp of the whore". But José's is an exceptional case. In general, the prepaid bride is a bride in the light of day and a prepaid bride in the shadows of darkness. And sooner or later the boyfriend ends up finding out, sometimes in the worst way. One case is that of a boy, let's call him Ricardo, who lives with his girlfriend who has a son by his side. Ricardo acts as a father and they form a happy family. The girl maintains that she is an event promoter and must work at night. One day Ricardo is out partying with some friends and they decide to call some escorts to come to the apartment where they are. When the girls arrive, well, Ricardo's wife-girlfriend was there. Although seeing it carefully, that night there was a double disappointment: Ricardo discovered that his girl was a whore, and the girl discovered him whoring. The outcome was immediate separation. They never saw each other again after that night. Now, in relationships where doubt and suspicion have stuck their sting, self-deception, the most human of human weaknesses, can play a trick on us. Self-deception is designed by the human mind to avoid us suffering and in this way what is obvious and evident to everyone becomes hidden and invisible to us and, thus, the husband is the last to find out that he is a cuckold, the Parents are the last to recognize that the son is a drug addict and along the same lines, the boyfriend is usually the last to find out that his girlfriend is a prepaid. In conclusion, friends: when the river sounds it is because it brings stones. If your girlfriend's behavior is suspicious, chances are she'll laugh. There really are reasons that cause it. A healthy couple, without lies in between, usually have an open and communicative attitude. When the weird excuses or explanations start popping up, something (or everything) is wrong. I hope you're not the last to know.

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