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July 03, 2023

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VIP Models What are they and why so expensive? Did you know that there are many kinds of sex workers and that each one offers you different services? There are the whores or prostitutes, the call girls ones, the escorts models and then, the most exclusive of all; the VIP Models. Frequently our clients ask us about the girls' rates. Although we have prepayments for all pockets, we have recently added some ladies who provide exclusive VIP Model services and are more expensive than usual. This new acquisition on our website has opened a debate about why VIP Models are so expensive. Some of our clients have even asked us if they have golden vaginas or what could make a real woman cost so much per hour. Today we bring you a brief summary of what VIP Models are and why you NEED to try at least one in your life. They are much more than just sex VIP Models are often hired to attend parties, meetings, trips to other cities, conferences, etc. with businessmen. The services that are expected to be received on these occasions go beyond the sexual to the social level. These models not only have a beautiful face and body, they also know etiquette, good taste, and even many of them are professionals in fields other than sexual practices. When you book a VIP Model, you're not just booking a good night of sex. This could easily give you a call girl or even if you are looking for something a little more exclusive you can hire a call girl model. On the other hand, VIP Models are more for showing off and even enjoying over dinner. Although of course, if you feel like having sex later, it's included in your rate. Clients who usually hire this type of service are people with high purchasing power and seek to hire someone with great sexual appeal, but also intellectual. This is precisely the biggest difference between other types of escorts and Vip Models, the latter will talk with you, they will have points of view regarding what you want to talk about, and you can expect the conversation to be interesting and enriching. While not all clients are willing to pay a high rate to chat, that is precisely why they are exclusive and it will surely be an experience that you would not be able to enjoy with another type of sex worker. …But they can also give you sex Although the strength of VIP Models is to offer premium companionship and social appearance, sex is something that, like other call girls, they are more than willing to do. Prior to the meeting, the expectations of the night and the services that will be provided will be discussed. You can expect sex to be incredibly tasty. As we mentioned, they are not only beautiful women with good manners, they are also trained to offer tantric sex, some offer sexual massages with hot oils, Asian positions, toys or exclusive sexual practices. Some even specialize for clients with special fetishes; rough sex, violent sex, tantric sex, candlelight sex, etc. How much does it cost per hour with a VIP Model? This depends on many factors, the prettier, more educated, finer, more experienced, the higher the price per hour. However, you can expect prices to start from $350,000 pesos per hour and different rates if you expect them to spend the night with you or travel somewhere. Where can I hire a VIP Model? Websites like have an exclusive catalog of VIP Models in the main cities of the country. To contract with one of them we have a chat available in which we will solve all your doubts and we will arrange the meeting with the VIP Model of your choice.

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