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August 16, 2023

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I work in a brothel, ask what you want": The prostitute in the first person Business at peak hours If you want to have a good time, you are implicitly asked to attend after hours during the week. As with other businesses such as restaurants, the fewer people there are, the easier it will be to provide better service, he explains. “Fundamentally it is a withering powder since the waiting rooms are full, many times I can have up to 10 clients per day if it is a Friday or a Saturday”. The generalities of these boys is that they come from a party so we limit it to half-hour appointments. In these meetings, he eliminates any small talk or chatter and gets down to business, although he agrees that clients often leave jubilant. “It may sound somewhat indifferent and unforgiving, but equally warm, friendly and fiery service is always provided. Regular customers and other fauna Sleeping with virgins, it seems, is something very common, and it is encouraged to do it if you really want it, unless one places a great value on their chastity. However, he points out, it's very possible that it will be a disappointing experience: "I think it depends a lot on the girl you prefer, on setting yourself up mentally and setting clear possibilities that you both agree on." As usual, he remembers, the job is the job. And it is very similar to that of, for example, a doctor: "Later, the bodies end up being bodies." This prostitute says that she tries to do whatever she is asked to do (she is willing to do anything), excluding minors or animals. However, she accepts that she would object to people with certain disabilities, not because of her, but because she thinks she would be unable to turn them on. Of course: "presumption, extreme drunkenness, being under the influence of substances or drugs is disrespectful" can induce her to resist a client. Correctly and with humor I invent certain insinuations for them to improve their technique and be competent to make me reach ecstasy. penis size Yes, the average size is much smaller than what we speculate (or what we presume): the smallest measure about 8 centimeters, although the average is between 12 and 15. Beyond that, she considers them large. Of course, she has had bad experiences with the corpulence of the penis "The biggest one was as long and thick as my arm, so I had to say no, I eat big cocks, but nothing like that," she explains. “The needy guy burst into tears and said that he couldn't sleep with anyone because of his gigantic size. Likewise, in these cases they are never completely hard ”. The prostitute's orgasms Are they real or do you usually fake them? However, she admits to having a good time working, she states that she extraordinarily climaxes with a client. "I try it on every date, but unless they're handy with live oral sex so often used to my fingers that I can only come by myself," she explains. Another option is to conclude on his own once the man has reached ejaculation, while he watches, or we practice reciprocal masturbation. In addition, she acknowledges that there are some "terrible" guys: "I politely and humorously make certain insinuations to them so that they optimize their technique and be able to get me through." The vast majority respond favorably. The price list. The best thing about being a prostitute... According to her, there are many advantages to dedicating herself to this job: “Freedom (financial, lifestyle, shifts). I am bewitched by sex, and this makes up for my claim to a certain extent." Although she understands that her approach to prostitution can be hard to guess, she says she loves the high of her work: “I believe in daring, in energy and in its transfer. After sleeping with between 5 and 12 clients a night you feed off her energy. This can be good and bad." Good because, despite the exhaustion, you still appreciate that you can run a marathon. Bad, because it can easily lead to confusion and insomnia. ...and the worst thing about being a prostitute Nothing really. It is undoubtedly safe and very entertaining. I have had to battle with some scoundrels, but nothing remarkable”. That can be the most complicated side of the job, perhaps, however, usually it is easy to get rid of annoying people who want a prostitute to kiss them without paying extra. Of course, he accepts at another moment, he misses certain actions with the other sex, although he does not exactly describe going out to dinner: "I am compensated with sex at work, but I miss having relationships that I provoke," he explains. “The flirtation, the introductions and the attraction cannot be answered in a brothel. I miss it, as do intimacy and loving sex with a partner.” This is luxury prostitution Mora was a prostitute at the age of 17 and she went through all the categories of said world. Now I say it all that is degrading about the oldest profession in the world “There is an appreciation that street prostitutes are the only women in the business who endure daily humiliation. Of course they endure the results of being appreciated as the lowest, but we miss the shot if we take that the degradation is limited to the red light districts. There are no limits on prostitution. Contrary to what is thought, it is just as feasible and as usual to be embarrassed in a five-star hotel. The girl began to prostitute herself in her youth, and throughout her career she went through all kinds of the profession, from the street to that of a luxury escort, going through brothels and escort agencies, something that, as she testifies, gave her gives a privileged position to conceive the components of his work. And if there is something that you want to make clear, it is that there is no fundamental difference between the work of a street prostitute and a luxury one: “Some of the worst practices I have had in prostitution took place in the most distinctive hotels in the city," he explains. The client with a lot of money can be much more dangerous than the rest: "Some powerful guys (not all, thank God) communicate with you as if you should consider it a privilege, a grace to be there, independent of the blameless and expensively dressed that you lived”. Prostitution, for the richest men, is a matter of control, what they are looking for is a relationship of submission. “His form is clear: 'I have paid you a million pesos, and therefore I have the right to do what I want, what I want and you are going to shut your mouth,'” explains Mora. “Of course, in some men this way was simply something spontaneous from their presumption, insolence and cruelty; It was clear to most of those who knew me that they liked to humiliate me, to make me believe helpless, to understand that I was there for only one reason: that my body was used as a container for their sperm”. The hierarchy of prostitution Mora is especially concerned that the reader understands that, essentially, there is no difference between the work of some prostitutes and others, but also that it is these mistaken ideas that cause prostitution and continue to ruin the lives of many. As he confirms, the hierarchy created in the scene is favored by the women themselves, since luxury escorts despise those who work in brothels, who in turn do the same with street girls. Each of these jobs has its pros and cons and, of course, different financial benefits. Mora is one of those rare cases capable of going from meeting a rich man in a luxury hotel to strolling through the streets in a matter of hours, although it is relatively common for, for example, accompaniment to alternate with brothels. The girl in the story started out walking the streets of Bogotá, but at the age of 20 she opened her own escort agency, until she realized that the ownership of her agency was too high, and she eventually considered working for other escort agencies. and brothels. Mora defines her vision of prostitution as "à la carte", with no better moral or social options, but degradation is common. They like to think that when they call an escort agency, a distinguished vagina attached to an elegant woman will knock on her door. Because of that, she curses women who like to think of themselves as escorts or bridesmaids, without euphemistically saying that they are "sluts"; they are the least happy, because "at least they are women who are not ashamed to call them by name, and not to deceive "themselves." Who benefits from the good reputation of extravagant prostitution? Mora has no doubts about the industry "because it's the easiest way to increase the market. In short, this is the problem with classicism. Forget glamour; another of the most damaging urban legends about women who use their bodies, Mora explains, is the belief that that the workers who walk the streets cannot be "promoted" to luxury prostitutes. In fact, it was as simple as calling and introducing yourself, as Mora had done before. Although in general it is true that upper-class prostitutes sometimes they go for luxury and lower class prostitutes go to brothels and street pimps, the flow between all these worlds is much greater than one might think. Because they dare to take risks. Mora is always surprised that there are so many women upper class in prostitution. Often these people have many choices in life, but they choose one of the worst careers. They have one thing in common: "grant all privileges, except the most important, which is a woman's sexual peace." In general, all the prostitutes that Mora met in her career had some kind of problem, often sexual (such as sexual abuse). parents), who brought them into this world. "Prostitution can be a fleeting experience," concludes Mora. "You can do it, but the problem is that it only applies to women who have thought about it." In other words, the only people who think they can't quit the job they're doing are stuck in it for the rest of their lives. At the same time, no prostitute decided to change her environment to a theoretically worse environment, because "they felt that she would violate her dignity." But the work itself is humiliating." What happens in a five-star hotel is the same as what happens when I lift my skirt in an alley. The nature of prostitution does not change due to circumstances. It is better not to stay, because your ass will rub against the white linen, not against the asphalt. "

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