What is a luxury escort or companion vip? in english

June 08, 2023

<p>Nowadays it is very common to see that all escorts are advertised as<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>escort &nbsp;vip</u></a>,<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>vip companion</u></a>&nbsp;or<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>luxury companion</u></a>. This generates some confusion given that regardless of rate or physical appearance all want to be seen as exclusive or luxury, but nothing is further from reality, since we can find advertisements that say<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>luxury escort</u></a>&nbsp;and has a rate of 30 thousand pesos, something As well as 10 USD, can an<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en/bogota-location-escorts-companions-callgirls-hookers"><u>escort in Bogot&aacute;</u></a>&nbsp;really call herself a escort &nbsp;vip if she has a rate of 10 USD? What do you think?</p> <p>Now not only the rate influences, but also, and much more important, beauty and education. A<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en/bogota-location-escorts-companions-callgirls-hookers"><u>companion in Bogota</u></a>&nbsp;with stretch marks, wrinkles or cellulite can be called vip or luxury? Of course not. We understand that the concept VIP or Luxury, is interpreted as an exclusive service, as something that everyone does not have access to, only a few lucky ones. That's what our agency is about, a completely unique service, which of course is not cheap, like everything luxury, will never be cheap. The most important thing is to preserve that quality that makes it exclusive.</p> <p>Our<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>escorts agency</u></a>, yes it is a<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>luxury escort</u></a>&nbsp;or<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>vip companion agency</u></a>. Since here you will never find those rates of 10 USD, not even for a little kiss. And not only that, all our models are college escorts &nbsp;that do this occasionally. A vip escort leads a reserved life, is not published on ad pages like a whore in Bogot&aacute;.</p> <p>Now if you are of demanding tastes and you want to be with a<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>vip escort</u></a>&nbsp;or<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>luxury companion</u></a>&nbsp;you follow these tips so that you do not fall into traps:</p> <ol> <li>Observe the rate: a vip escorts can not lower 250 thousand pesos or rather 90 USD for 1 hour of service</li> <li>A<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>vip escort</u></a>or<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>luxury companion</u></a>has an appearance that is above the rest of women that you will observe in the ads or on the internet. It has a toned curop, well-groomed hair and of course some well-made photos.</li> <li>The location in which the photos were taken. A<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>VIP escort</u></a>or<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>luxury companion</u></a>takes her image seriously, and of course her photos. If you look at a humble room, a plain underwear pulling ugly on the photos of the model, we are definitely not dealing with a<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>VIP escort</u></a>&nbsp;or<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>luxury companion</u></a></li> </ol> <p>Following this analysis you will definitely always be able to find an exclusive escort ladies service, with fair rates and unparalleled service, such as the one that you will find in the<span>&nbsp;</span><a href="https://lacelestina.co/en"><u>best escorts agency in Colombia</u></a>, LA CELESTINA</p>

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