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September 27, 2022

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There are better alternatives to live off your body In the year 1984 the German director Wim Wenders showed us, through his amazing film "Paris, Texas", what sex booths or peepshows were: a narrow cubicle divided with a thick glass where on one of its sides was a beautiful woman accompanied by a chair and a bed and on the other side, in the dark to protect her identity, a client with a telephone headset through which he communicated with the woman and gave her his orders and wishes. In the film, this unforgettable sequence was played by the beautiful Nastassja Kinsky and the superb actor Harry Dean Stanton. But the spectacle of the peepshow or peepbox comes from much further back, from the fifteenth century and consisted of looking through a hole, peephole or contact lens at what was happening inside a box, inside which drawings, paintings or acted scenes could be seen. live of an erotic or sexually explicit nature. With the advent of the technological revolution in communications via the internet and smartphones, these cubicles of voyeuristic sexuality were transformed into live image transmissions: the webcam. Both the legendary peepshow and the brand new webcam job have in common that both point to the purest and most unleashed voyeurism: look not to touch. Which means that many of the girls and boys who participate in this business do not consider themselves as prostitutes but as simple sex workers. In many cases, the model becomes a confidant of her client, which translates into fidelity on the part of both actors. Although the virtual sex modality has been on the rise for several years now, it was during the long months of the covid-19 pandemic that it skyrocketed with great force. However, it is not an easy job. One of the most difficult situations to handle is when models come into contact with certain sexual aberrations, such as pedophilia. The models try to handle these cases as best they can, but there comes a time when they give up and stop serving the client. If they work for a studio, these types of decisions are more difficult to make since they are obliged to attend to everyone who asks for it. On social networks, a model girl confessed that she had retired from working for webcam studios precisely because she was forced to serve all the clients, including one who week after week asked her to pretend that she was giving birth. The girl couldn't take it anymore and she left. Other morbidities that webcam models (both women and men) must deal with are clients who seek masochistic scenarios and demand actions from the model through which they obviously harm themselves. Extortion and blackmail is another of the threats that some of the webcam models must suffer: hundreds of images and videos that are naked, lewd, with their faces uncovered or revealing tattoos that fully identify them are factors that put risk the supposed anonymity of the model. Blackmail usually occurs when a client manages to recognize the model and is aware of her identity. There begins a harassment of unpredictable consequences. Cases are known in which personal friends of the model become heartless and relentless extortionists. From there arises a golden rule that dictates that the model can have a face, but she can never have a name. At least not the real one. Many models are subjected to such pressure as a result of blackmail or the demands of some clients, who seek to threaten their lives, which allows us to understand the harshness of this job. In Colombia there are Academies that specialize in training aspiring young women to handle all the tools involved with the environment and to train them to develop a seductive behavior capable of generating pleasure even without being touched. Makeup, diction and body expression are some of the skills that are perfected during this training. Saying NO when something does not please the model is one of the most important lessons taught by these academies. Contrary to what one might think, discipline is a determining factor for the success of a model in front of her webcam: the more hours they spend a day in front of the camera, the more job opportunities they will have. They also need to connect daily: if a client searches for them and can't find them, they'll probably go find another girl. The competition is tenacious. It is advisable to be available between five to six days a week, between five and eight hours a day. The Studios, which many consider to be the new pimps of the medium, usually keep a high percentage of the profits (up to 70% of the total billing), however the models consider them necessary because it is a way to enter, learn and understand the business. On the other hand, the studies They guarantee a properly conditioned physical space, a laptop with enough power to transmit good quality voice and image, as well as a very good internet connection. All this technology costs a lot of money and is rarely within the reach of beginners. In Medellín it is estimated that there are more than 1,500 webcam model studios, while Colombia is the second country in the world to export adult entertainment content, which gives us an idea of ​​the magnitude of this business. But in the vast majority of them the working conditions are deplorable. In many cases, the models receive live instructions on all their movements in front of the camera. They pretend to write, but in reality it is someone else who does it for them, generating a deep sense of discomfort, since they show them as someone they really are not. As a consequence of this, the girls rotate from Studio to Studio until they find conditions that allow them to work and develop as true webcam professionals. The webcam industry in Colombia is an activity that is not illegal, but it is not entirely legal either, since it is not regulated by the laws and organizations that monitor its efforts, each Studio is managed at its whim and will, generating conditions of work that brings him dangerously close to sexual exploitation. The fiscal impositions to the Studies are sustained in the code 9609 of the regulations of the Colombian Chamber of Commerce and is executed by the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs (DIAN). But the State not only targets the studios, but has begun to direct its tenacious claws towards the webcam models themselves in those cases that have billed or consigned through bank deposits a sum equal to or greater than 46,418,000.00 Colombian pesos or who have a gross equity of more than 160,262,000.00 pesos. In this way, the Colombian government seems to be much more interested in imposing heavy taxes on this sector than in worrying about the well-being and safety of the models, who are the true pillar of this activity. It even reaches situations as paradoxical as it is that commercial banks, for example, refuse to open accounts for companies dedicated to the Webcam business, despite the fact that these places are considered taxpayers of the nation. What is recommended for webcam models is to associate with large, serious and prestigious agencies, such as our La Celestina page, where the well-being of the client and their escort girls is a premise. Labor respect for the internal ends up being reflected externally in the treatment and satisfaction that the escort is capable of providing to her clients. Undoubtedly a relationship marked by the principle of "win-win" where everyone ends up satisfied. To work as a webcam model fulfilling hours that border on exploitation, paying commissions that border on slavery, it is better to work as an escort in La Celestina definitely

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