Massage parlour in Medellin in english

January 26, 2022

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Erotic massage rooms in Medellín If you've ever received a massage, you've probably fantasized about the idea of ​​it ending with a "happy ending." This is now possible thanks to the erotic massage rooms in Medellín. They are sites specialized in giving you what you want to receive, in the most professional way possible. And not only that, many of these places also offer body to body massages and sexual massages. You can go alone or in company, there are also male masseuses to give massages to clients or massage packages for couples. The latter are known as four-hand massages. Today we tell you a little more about what this experience is like. Erotic massages, melee massages and sexual massages. They are not the same! An erotic massage implies that not only your body is relaxed, but that your mind is in a state of complete excitement. In general, erotic masseuses dress in a sensual way and make sure that your whole body is relaxed. And yes, these massages include a good manual masturbation. Body-to-body massages, on the other hand, imply that both you and the masseuse will be naked. She will use her body to massage yours with special oils. These oils make sex more enjoyable by lubricating every part of the body. They are slippery and hot oils that give a greater sensitivity to the penis, so you will feel everything multiplied by 1000. She will help you cum, you may be able to ejaculate on her breasts or on her back, but you won't be able to penetrate her. Lastly, sexual massages do involve vaginal, anal and oral sex in addition to the massage. They start as erotic massages, then the beautiful masseuse will undress next to you to massage every part of your body with her breasts, her legs, and her thighs. At the end, when you are so turned on that you can't control yourself, she will allow you to penetrate her and it will be the best sex of your life. What happens is that just as the body oils used for these massages warm your penis, they also warm her vagina. The heat causes her to swell inside her, making her tight and slimy, sucking hard after each penetration. Can you imagine it? a delight And sexual massage doesn't have to be limited to vaginal, anal and oral penetration. You can also ask for masturbation with her breasts, known as Russian handjobs or Thai handjobs that are performed with her feet. Where are there erotic massage rooms in Medellin? Everywhere! Well, not everywhere, but there are plenty of places to choose from. We anticipate that these services do not usually include penetration and it will be something that you will have to discuss in private with the masseuse. This is our recommendation of the week: Happy Massage – This site is great because they offer all kinds of erotic massages. They offer body-to-body massages, multi-orgasmic massages, massages in a wet area, massages with boyfriends, and promotions since their prices are quite high. The only drawback is that none of their massages include penetration or oral sex. Although, for $25,000 pesos you can add a prostate massage. Turn your room into an erotic massage room Remember that at we have specialized prepaid sexual massages, erotic massages and tantric sex. You can request a service with a beautiful escort who is in charge of massaging you in your own home or in the place you prefer. Best of all, sex will be included in your rate. She will take care of bringing the necessary elements for you to enjoy this experience just as you would in an erotic massage room.

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