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November 24, 2022

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Prostitution in Medellín is not the same, from the street it jumped to the web pages and now it has jumped back to the streets. In the houses of neighborhoods like El poblado or Laureles, they invented a perverse game in which a woman is chosen from among many, as if she were in a perfume magazine waiting for sex from a man who pays a prize. All kinds of services are crowded: lots of catalogues, lots of websites, lots of sales chats, lots of streets full of prostitutes. The prostitutes turned Parque Lleras into an open-air brothel. At any time of the day, dozens of women walk Calle 10 or Parque Lleras in search of clients, mostly foreigners who pay in dollars. There are also local "whores", but they tend to visit other places like around the stadium or the streets of San Diego or downtown. It doesn't matter that Parque Lleras has become a swamp due to public works that changed the platforms and tracks, at night it looks like a party square: not even the rain scares the tourists who seek sex among the women who take the land for the alive. Although it looks like an organic business, there are pimps behind it. Illegal businesses in Medellín are often used by criminal groups, from retailers, movie piracy to prostitution. Women who turned to feminist groups for help said they were forced to hand over up to 50 percent of their earnings, not to mention dealing with pimps. As tourists paid in dollars, the offer increased, which generated a movement of millions of pesos, Talking to some girls they told me. “In one night I got $1,000,” says Luisa, 20. Another woman approaches and says “I have a foreign client, I took him to a nearby bar, the manager gave me a tip for taking a foreigner to spend money there. So everyone wins. " Luisa has been working as a sex worker in Parque Lleras for a year and now she knows how the "business" works. The industry is already divided by location: Calle 10 has the lowest prices, where transgender and indigenous women and people who want to "do anything" come. The fee cannot be less than 200,000 pesos. The people of Parque Lleras earn between 300,000 and 400,000 pesos, with the highest earners being those who work in bars and earn more than 600,000 pesos. "Anyone who is caught collecting 150,000 pesos here is fined: it is very little money, and here there is a lot of money," said Luisa, most of the women categorically deny that they have a pimp behind their backs. But Daniela, 21, from Venezuela, said "the boys" were there when there were problems or when prices fell. "They charge commissions to people who cause trouble or start undercharging. It would ruin the place." Daniela and Luisa started out as webcam models and then ended up at Parque Lleras. Daniela did it in Bogotá when she arrived in Colombia from Venezuela. Although he was told that the "webcam model" was a gold mine, studio executives failed to pay him on time and ended up stealing it. Luisa says that she lives on the street because she can't stand the "fetishes" of her clients: "Although there is good money on web cam pages, she got tired of so many fetishes. Men demand everything. I even had to pretend that I had a baby. I couldn't take it anymore." Luisa started as a web cam model at the age of 17 because a man she knew had a studio. She says that now she feels better on the street because she does not have to submit to a schedule: "I am here when I want, at the price I want and I know what I want to do." There is a pattern: each one defends their form of sex work; but there are always guards behind the scenes: cops or pimps on the street, people in the studio who stream and make sure the virtual payments aren't fake -usually-. For example, in Parque Lleras, when a client does not want to pay, Daniela and Luisa go to the police and. she tells the officers "there's a customer who doesn't want to pay, I'll give you 50%." So they pitch in and protect us and get a commission. But when the police monitor payments and bite, there are links they prefer to ignore. In some nightclubs, young women who look minor can be seen escorting foreigners late into the night. They say that there is no sex, but they earn up to 400,000 pesos in two hours. "Are there minors of age?" asked a man. "No. We only have 18's here," replied one of the sex workers. "Thank you, I need it as a minor, are you sure you don't have one?" the man insisted. Seconds later, the woman yelled out a woman's name and a girl came out of the bathroom, and introduced her to him, "she's new, play carefully, said the woman." In hotels where it costs up to 90,000 pesos to leave the room for an hour, identification is required, so it is not possible to enter with minors. But El poblado has seen an increase in apartment rentals, many of them through the Airbnb app. In those cases, Luisa said, they didn't ask for anything. "You can't tell. That's where they take them." Like everything in this industrial and entrepreneurial city: there are layers. In Manila and Provence, prostitution is more hidden. “These women have become more dignified, like ordinary girls, because private surveillance and the police keep them away,” the trader said. I am writing all this because a friend from abroad is coming and I want to impress him so I took the trouble to find out what the situation was like on the street, I saw that it was complex, so I lean more towards the web pages, because one knows what one is expecting. , but even in the web pages there are levels, therefore I have set myself the task of seeing what the services they offer are like and I went directly to the pioneer in these matters,, I began to find out in forums and reviews to see and decide which was the best service. To my surprise is losing strength, its reviews are frequently bad, the catalog has a good repertoire, but it has not been renewed, it lacks class, it has declined and so I entered the platform of escorts tasters forums and I found this beauty that left me surprised and of course with an excellent taste in my mouth and it goes like this: Good afternoon gentlemen whores, after months craving here in the forum I finally put aside the straw and went with a girl, and what a premiere I had, I come to tell you about the wonderful service I had with Dayana, she truly deserves fame What do you have, here I tell you: Price: 290 an hour, the relations that I reach in time, does not include natural oral, I took the hour. Age: she looks very young and she explained to me that she was studying, so I think about 24-27 Face: 20/10, she is totally beautiful, she is like a perfect typical paisa, everything is well-proportioned on her face, she is really very pretty. Body: 10/10 a lot, that she has a figure, what a class, her breasts are beautiful and that ass that she has 🙀 Hygiene: 10/10 when I disappeared between her thighs it smells delicious, the place is also tidy and neat. Kisses: 10/10 so good they are beautiful (is there something that this girl does not do well?) She eats your mouth, plays with her tongue, very very delicious. Oral: 8/10: She does it well and puts all her effort into it, spits, saliva, puts it to the bottom of her throat, licks it, attends to the balls, very good Anal: She says that she doesn't do it and I didn't insist either, it's not my thing, this girl has enough with her vagina, for those who like it, it must be a great disappointment that she doesn't offer this service because she has a great ass Service 10/20: I had been writing to her for several days, a week ago she answered me and we began to balance the matter, but I was not direct and she stopped answering me so I waited a few more days. On Tuesday I wrote to her again, we chatted for a while and confirmed the meeting, she told me that yes, on Thursday without fail, the day finally arrived. The girl told me that the service was better at 11 and I told her ok, I arrived at the Bliss hotel around 10:50 and I was waiting for her, at 11:05 she let me in and what a thing gentlemen, what a beautiful woman I was all silly, I thought, I'm not going to be able to with this female, hahahahaha, anyway, we sat on the bed, she welcomed me with some very pretty pink panties and bra that matched her, we started kissing and at the same time moment I told him that I wanted to go to the bathroom, to calm down a bit. What happens is that a while ago I had gone with a escort, but we were barely kissing and when the friend touched me I came, hahaha, it was very humiliating for me, I was like an asshole. Am I really that early? What the fuck, that had really discouraged me so I was afraid that the same thing will happen to Dayana, however, I left the bathroom and we continued kissing. I undressed and she bends over to start the oral, after about 20 seconds, I felt that I was going to cum, I immediately told her to stop and just kiss, imagine how I squeezed my ass to not cum. So I asked her if I could give her oral sex and she said yes, as I'm saying I'm not the most expert so the day before (yesterday) I spent about 2 hours watching videos on how to give oral sex to a woman XD, And boy did it pay off, I was there giving it and giving it and at first to be honest I felt that I was pretending a bit but after I went on and on either she is an excellent actress worthy of an Oscar or I was really feeling something. She took my hands, squeezed me with her legs, gave short but authentic moans and I went on and on giving her oral sex, I thought, better that and take advantage of the time than come right there and lose the conversation, as it felt like she was doing it. I enjoyed myself, the anxiety and nerves went away. After I felt a little better, I told her that she's going to get on to finish it off since I thought it wasn't going to last long, and thank God it didn't, she got on showing me that beautiful ass, then she changed herself and faced her, those tits danced in unison with the movement, then I asked him to give me a bed edge, all these poses in less than 10 minutes, it was the strategy to avoid cumming. I told her to get on all fours and I thought she wasn't going to last at all, I kept hitting her hard and hard and she barely moaned. I asked her to mount front again and jump me and she was like that for about 2 minutes when I let go, uf what an extraordinary feeling, we kissed for a while and that's it. After I got dressed we talked for a moment and I gave him a kiss and a hug and for the house, he told me that I had sucked him very well, I wanted to believe everything, to know that he meant it, hahaha, I came out like a champion, they trembled me legs and arms. The hour had passed like 3 or 4 minutes ago and the truth never bothered me, even one pays him after the service which is very rare, zero watchmaking, a total bacana. In summary, 99/10 service, I thought the reviews were exaggerating, this girl seems to do everything very well, she doesn't offer anal, if she offered this service she would be the perfect girl, but I didn't need it, with Dayana it seems that she was eating me a girlfriend. This girl is the one I need to hire and look like a king with my friend, and you already know where she is and how to get her, at the

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