Motel el Castillo Medellín

19 enero 2022
Escorts, Prepagos, Putas, Dama de Compañia
<p style="text-align: center;">6 MOTELS similar to Motel el Castillo Medell&iacute;n that you MUST try</p> <p>Are you looking to unleash your passion, but don&apos;t know where? We bring you the DEFINITE Top 6 if you are looking for motels in Medellin. We tell you everything! How much they cost? What are you offering? Where they are located? And other interesting facts that will help you make the right decision!</p> <p>Cheap motels, expensive motels, theme motels, low-key motels, ONLY THE BEST OF THE BEST in this top 6.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Cheap Motels in Medellin</p> <p>You may not have the money to pay for an expensive motel, or you just don&apos;t care if it&apos;s a cheap motel, as long as it&apos;s discreet and clean. Regardless of what your reasons are, we bring you the prices and locations of the cheapest rooms of the best motels in Medellin.</p> <p>1.Thematics Suits - Calle 51 # 67 B 27</p> <p>The single room of this motel has a cost of $53,000 Colombian pesos, which is not exactly cheap, however, the price is for 4 hours. The room includes: Bed, minibar, television, stereo, bathroom, air conditioning. If you just want a quick fuck, this would be your first choice.</p> <p><br></p> <p>2.Dlusso Motel &ndash; Calle 50 #68 -38</p> <p>Another great option when you have a low budget is the Dlusso Motel, it has an air of the famous Medell&iacute;n castle motel and its simple rooms are very cheap, only $45,000 Colombian pesos for 3 hours. The room includes: double bed, air conditioning, bathroom, minibar and love chair</p> <p><br></p> <p>Good motels in Medellin</p> <p>If you have a little more money you can pay for a slightly more expensive motel, but with better benefits:</p> <p>1.3D Suite - Calle 51 # 69 47</p> <p>If what you want is to go to a good motel in Medellin, 3D Suite is your winning choice. We quickly tell you everything about this motel. Their rates vary between whether you enter on foot ($120,000 COP), by motorcycle ($120,000 COP) or by car ($145,000 COP).</p> <p><br></p> <p>The rooms are equipped with sauna, Turkish bath, tantra chair with vibration, bed with movement, air conditioning and the service lasts 4 hours. You can enter an additional person for $65,000 pesos and reserve from their website.</p> <p><br></p> <p>2.Motel Classic - Calle 63 N&deg; 91- 185. Kilometer 1 via San Crist&oacute;bal.</p> <p>The premium rooms of this motel vary between $110,000 COP and $140,000 COP depending on whether you enter on foot, by motorcycle or by private car. The price is higher than other motels due to the exclusive location.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Something great about this motel is that its rate is for 6 hours of service and its rooms are equipped with: bathtub, jacuzzi, minibar, love chair, mirrors and blankets in case you want to spend the night.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Exclusive motels in Medellin</p> <p>If you are looking to live a different sexual experience in Medellin, you may want to try a themed Motel or one equipped with the latest sex trends in the world. These experiences are not cheap, but they promise to stick in your mind.</p> <p>1.Lasuite Motel &ndash; Cr55 # 87 S-71, La Estrella, Antioquia</p> <p>Can you imagine partying with your friends and going to a motel to finish off the night without it being weird or uncomfortable? LaSuite Motel knows that this often happens and has a special service for groups of people looking to have fun in a discreet and different way.</p> <p><br></p> <p>It is a room equipped with 2 Jacuzzis, 2 beds, sex toys and enough space for 16 people! Can you imagine the orgies you could mount in this place? The price of this communal room is $360,000 COP for 6 hours for 4 people. Each additional person has a cost of $55,000 COP.</p> <p><br></p> <p>2.Motel Penthouse - Kilometer 3 Via San Crist&oacute;bal</p> <p>This motel allows you to live an UNFORGETTABLE experience at a not so high cost. The highlight, and the reason why it is part of this top 6, are its themed rooms. You can choose between 20 different rooms; aquatic, Egyptian, galactic, jungle, etc. And the cost is not exorbitant, only $120.00 Colombian pesos for 6 hours.</p>