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November 24, 2022

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I better take another drink of brandy. Now is not the time to eradicate oblivion. I'm bored as an iceberg, and I found out I've been thinking about her for most of the day. He didn't want to call her or tell her to invent another way to be together. Rejection bothers me. "To be happy, you have to be unhappy all the time. Love only lasts if you both know there is a price to pay." Maybe I'm exaggerating, but it's a way of saying what it feels like to be deceived even if you don't know her, even if you've only seen her in a photo, that it's just an advertisement, but when you arrive at the appointment and see that everything advertised It is a vile lie, that everything is a montage, that the girl you thought is not the same and if she is the same (this is how many men who access escort pages on the internet have felt and believe that they have achieved the best, the Goddess , flies her more than the wind,) but when they meet the girl, they go back. Many times it happens that the photos have been retouched so much that they don't look alike at all, they have removed stretch marks, cellulite and tattoos. There are no scars, no spots, no freckles and all the girls have the waist and thighs of a queen. You want to be with the princess you saw on the website, but when you arrive you crash, they give you a slam of reality, escort sites should not deceive like this, Photoshop is very bad, and not even the shoes for a princess . Another barbarity are the places of appointments, the apartments where these girls receive should have a better administration, it is not fair to pay for an expensive service and if it is cheap anyway, and have disorder, dirty sheets, broken mattresses, these situations should not happen since the last thing one wants is to arrive at a dirty and messy place. A specific escort page in the day about thirty services on average. Monthly sales go up to several million Colombian pesos. The pimper, which is the name given to the person who manages the page, takes between thirty and forty percent. That's more or less how much money? If we do cheerful calculations in Medellín alone, there are about 20 prepaid pages, each of them with approximately 50 girls in their portfolio, which means that there are 600 services per day, 4,800 per week, 18,000 per month per month, with a price average of $300,000 per service, the money involved is very good. I look at the web page and in one of the tabs of the portal I see that it has a registration form: "Send us your five best photographs - it says -, you will earn a lot of money". A friend connected me with a web girls photographer, I call him, I introduce myself and I tell him that I am doing an investigation of escort girls, he kindly invites me to a session, we meet the next day. I arrive early and he is with an assistant, he tells me that the girls are in the other room, he was preparing the umbrellas, the lights and the camera and video camera. When the girls arrive, in their best corsets and cheap lingerie, the session begins; If the girls want to sell their services better, the page offers this service, professional photos with retouching, video and if it's lesbian better, but more expensive. The session begins with photographs and the assistant becomes a little restless. The photographer tells me that he has only had two sessions and he has not been able to get used to it. The photographer goes around the room giving orders, sometimes for command, other times for intensity, the command ones are when he says to the left, down, look at me and the intensity ones are those as I please, destroy my desire, finish me off, The girls in thongs are brunettes with severe curves and butts, every man's dream, and they wallow between kissing and intense groping. They do it delicately, but daringly; the photographer tells them to move from the bed to the sofa, the assistant puts on music, perhaps to alleviate their desire, the girls continue with their session and shamelessly ignore me, at one point my jaw dropped and I looked with the suffering of what was not guest, when one of the girls gets excited and kisses with her mouth half open and her tongue rolling kisses from her belly button to her flower, the other girl's legs crown her and press her face against her wide open wet orchid. The assistant and I are a bunch of idiots. More light, they tell the assistant, the flashes continue and the sweaty skin of the models is illuminated, the photographer continues giving orders, stick out your tail, stretch your legs, hair on the floor while she is in bed, time he leaves and so the morning goes by. What the photographer is doing is telling the girls, give me more views, give me more traffic, give me more reviews, all in all give me more money. The session ends and the girls pick up their panties and head to the shower, the photographer tells me a little about the business. Actually, we are only intermediaries between the escorts that offer their services and between the client that demands a service We are a channel of representation, therefore, what happens in the relationship as such is the responsibility of the two people, they are adults, we go that far. Other types of services are also provided, apart from sexual services, the services range from a partner to a swinger party or private party to outings for walks, parties, horseback riding, etc. In addition, there are so-called business events, product images and strippers for bachelor or bachelorette parties. All the models are of legal age and of course the clients, none of them can be minors, we do not get involved in this story of pedophilia Special one-week services are provided, especially for those foreign clients who come on vacation and want a girl by their side all the time, this type of service for tourists is more expensive but they have a honeymoon, I assure you, he says boasting, and there are those who only want to impress and hire a girl just to take her by the arm and tell her my love, to show her off at business events, cocktails or meetings, these services are the most expensive, although the price varies from according to the model and its bearing. I took the trouble to enter the forum page where they give reviews about the prepaid girls they hire and the users honestly tell about their experiences with the escort girls in Medellín. ![Picture1.png]( “He sent him a note at noon via WhatsApp, he sends me the template and tells me that the service is worth two hundred thousand pesos and I accept, and he sends me the location. I go to the place called the hill of the Indian in the town of Torres cerato Crr 37A #29-56 I write to him when I arrive and he tells me to announce something negative in the concierge, you have to leave the ID number and names something I don't like... .... I go up to apartment 2507 I hit and or surprise a totally different girl opens for me from the photos…. I told her you're not the one in the photos, she confirmed that it was her hahaha a brunette girl seemed more Venezuelan than anything else I told her if there were more girls or where was she the one in the photos and she told me that she had gone out to a address that if I wanted I could make time for it, I better say no and get out of one that simple " ![Picture2.png]( “I had been trying to contact her for days, I like sex in the morning and this girl was recommended, in a forum they told me that she was intense and very good, they showed me that the famous Nikoll was the one, I contacted her one day and She told me that at that time she couldn't I said okay, when she can she told me that two days after I was attentive and I contacted her that day she said yes at 9am well excellent since it's a good service for what she charges send me the location near the brigade on the sides of the don quixote romboy, I start off happy, when I get there I call her and she doesn't answer for a long time calling her 5 times and immediately the coward blocks me without any other remedy, I said I'm not going to stay with my arms crossed and asking I arrive at the site, a house that on the façade has stairs in a brown door, I hit him at about 10:30 and with the hour late on him, he struggled with the door and a Venezuelan woman opened for me and told me that she was busy hahaha I did a veneca whore and I open from there then I call her from another WhatsApp to Nikoll and at that time it was 11am she answered me and told her how true, she apologized several times but there was no remedy because she was 2 hours late...... There I tell you plebes the reality of things. Not all experiences are the same, but for me those reviews that I saw out there in the forums are not credible because if someone commits to a service like this it should be and otherwise during the act they will leave with a stream of drool during the service It doesn't seem like that to me, just as time is worth gold they say, so is ours, the clients" It just so happens that these reviews are from escorts from the same platform,, which means that we must be very careful with what we hire, we escorts, let's look for professional houses like that always offer us the best , with professionalism and good quality.

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